Avengers Line-up Behind Chris Evans And Ryan Reynolds, Fulfills Wish Of A Dying Fan

Young Avenger fan who died at 11 got his last wish fulfilled after Avengers line-up behind Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds to meet him in real life. Fox news anchor Shannon Bream played a great role to bring the Avengers and its fan together.


The young Avenger fan Emilio Pachon who brought the Marvels character together died at the age of 11 on March 28, 2018.

Emilion always dreams to meet the Marvels superhero behind the TV Screen and his wish came true before the final day of death on Wednesday.  

Bream is the anchor who helped the 11 years boy dreams come true and confirmed his death on Twitter.  

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CAPTION: Fox news anchor Shannon Bream played a great role to bring the Avengers and its fan together. SOURCE: Twitter

Earlier this week, anchor tweet if any superhero is there to support Pacho with a positive message to this terminally ill The Avengers team fan.

“trying to help Pachon who is counting his last days and all he wanted was a greeting from his superhero if any Avengers fan wants to come support, contact me. If u can’t help with RT” Bream announced on Twitter.

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Thanks to Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds who arrived just after hours to support the dying fan and let him know Avengers do help in real life. Though they could not bring his life back, the did lot by paying a visit.


Soon others celebrity line-up and other are Paul Bettany, Clark Gregg, Paul Ruddy, Don Cheadle, Chloe Bennet and Mark Ruffalo joined Evans & Reynolds

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Pachon has also written a book before his death and you can see the family explaining in the video above.

As per, Bream the profit collected by the book will go to the Genes Foundation. And more, if any heroes want to send a message can forward it to his twin brother because they are also the huge fan of Avengers/superhero.