Chris Evans and his girlfriend Jenny Slate splits after 9 Months of Dating, Find out his affairs

April 26, 2017
First Published On: March 21, 2017
by HitBerry

Jenny slate comedy is remarkable. The beautiful actress is also a voice actress and an author but it seems that something is going wrong in her life. The beautiful lady has had a break up with her handsome boyfriend Chris Evans.

I know most of you are shocked to hear the news but it’s true. It’s over now. The couple did not show any kind of split before but they have ended up their relationship. The couple was dating for almost 9 months. The couple was known to be dating in 2016.

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate dated for about 9 months. They had a mutual breakup.

Do not get it wrong because it’s not like the other break ups. The couple did not fight and did not have any hard issue while they broke up. Instead, it was mutual. The reason behind the break up is the busy schedules.

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans


The couple could not manage to hang out for a long time. After all, they have a flourishing career, so it’s not a big deal to know that the couple is not being able to give proper time to each other.

Jenny who once said that she could hang out with Chris for 90 hours is no longer together. Jenny also said that she was so afraid while meeting Chris for the first time but it went well. She is a lucky girl, she dated her dream boyfriend.

They made a red carpet debut as a couple and Jenny was admiring Chris in every way. The couple did not take pictures outside the theater but they were seen taking adorable pictures inside the theater.


Jenny Slate and Chris Evans walking together



The captain America’s hero dated Jenny after Jenny split with her husband, Dean Fleischer. Jenny was married in September 2012. They were together for about four years. The couple did not reveal anything about the topic exactly but that was also a mutual thing. They were rumored to be divorced soon.

Chris and Jenny have also done a drama together. The drama, Gifted, will be in theaters in April 2017. Chris Evans has played the main starring role in the movie. It is a story of a single man raising a child prodigy. It is expected to break the record of many competitive dramas.

Well, Chris and Jenny have again taken the internet by storm by their break up issue. The couple has broken after dating for 9 months. The issue does not seem that heartbreaking as we think. They want space and are focused on their career.

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