When is Bridgid Coulter getting married to her partner, Don Cheadle? the couple already has two children together.

March 28, 2016
First Published On: March 28, 2016

When is Bridgid Coulter getting married to her partner, Don Cheadle?

Actor Coulter has been in a passionate relationship with her long term boyfriend Don Cheadle since 1992. They have been together for over two decades and they even have two children together. You must be like why don’t they get married already? Aren’t you?

Well! There is not a single official news of the couple getting married yet. The actress is pushing her late fourties and the actor is running his early fifties, and still they don’t intend to get married.

Looking at the couple, it is clear that for the people who are in passionate love, marriage is of least importance and they do not care for a legal bondage.

The actress shared about some of her personal matters to HollywoodRag.com last month. The actress is very happy and fulfilling relationship with her boyfriend. He states herself as a luckiest woman. She even shares about the divorce scene that goes in person’s life. “Divorce is a very awful thing”, she said.

She has to say that marriage doesn’t guarantee that a couple would last forever. Also not getting married does not mean that they are in confusion or something.

Whatever she said is true, very true. However, the actress is not against marriage whatsoever. It is just that the couple does not see any need of legal bondage to bind them together, love is more than enough for that.

She said that she would like to wear a wedding dress and have a beautiful bridal hair designs though. With this statement of hers, are they thinking of getting married??

The question is still unanswered. The actress sure knows how to hide her main personal agendas.

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Both Coulter and her partner Cheadle are acclaimed actors in Hollywood. They have played many movies as of now. They even worked as a co- stars in Rosewood in 1997.

The actress is very active on social media. She is one of the handful actors who would like to respond to the queries in internet. She was once asked about why doesn’t she gets married to her lover. In the reply she wrote: “We do not have to prove our love in paper and he does not want to change my surname”.

Wow! That was quite influential and heart touching.

However, they are many of her fans out there who would like to call them as husband and wife.

The actress is well acclaimed for dozens of movies and tv shows. Among her most claimed contributions are Always Outnumbered (1998), Rosewood (1997) and Mean Streak (1999).

The authentic net worth of the actress is hard to find. It may be because it is not disclosed yet.