American Football coach Bruce Arians, and wife Christine Arians, having trouble in their married life?

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians, at the age of 63, is having trouble in marriage. He has been married to his wife Christine Arians for over 45 years and he is now reportedly looking for a divorce from the mother of his two children.

Sources say that due to lack in performance by the Arizona Cardinals and the pressure mounting on Arians, he seems to be acting out and thereby having trouble at home. The father of two is reportedly even thinking of filing for a divorce against his wife Christine Arians.

The high school sweethearts got married in the freshman year when Bruce attended Virginia Tech. Now, their forty decade love story seems to be falling apart and may even lead to a bad divorce for the Cardinals head coach, who is already having a bad season with his football team.

The pair have two children. Their son Jake Arians, like his father, is also a former American football player. Jake, according to our sources, cannot believe that his father is thinking of ending their marriage and filing for a divorce.

However, Jake seems to think that his father is bringing home all the stress from the rough performance by his team and that his father will not go forward with the divorce as his parents are the happiest married couple he knows of.

On the other hand, Bruce’s daughter Kristy Arians, according to our sources, has said that this might be the end to a fairytale love story. She has admitted that it would be sad to see her parent’s divorce, but she is going stick by their decision, no matter what it may be.

Bruce Arians started his playing carrier at Virginia Tech, where he was voted the MVP despite being only a freshman. He had a college football record of 78 completions on 174 attempts on for 1270 yards, six touchdowns and eight interpretations, rushing for 539 yards and 14 touchdowns on 135 carrier starts.

Bruce Arians after college

After finishing college, he started his coaching career, when he became the assistant coach for Virginia Tech. After serving three years for his alma mater, he left to become a wide receiver coach and running back coach for Mississippi State.

He was still the intern head coach for Arizona Cardinals when an opportunity came knocking at his door. Their head coach was diagnosed with leukemia and Bruce took up the chance to be the next head coach.

Bruce Arians, according to our sources, has a current salary of $5 million dollars per year. He has also received a new contract from the Arizona Cardinals for a salary of $8 million dollars with $5 million dollars guaranteed, along with a signing bonus of $2 million dollars.

The troubled head coach for the Arizona Cardinals is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million dollars. This is expected to increase with his new contract, depending on how his team performs in the upcoming season.

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