Robert Griffin III net worth: Know the source of money of American Football Quarterback.

Robert Lee Griffin III, otherwise known as RG3, he is an American Football Quarterback who plays for ‘Cleveland Browns’. Though American football seems like a rough play and appears as though the players don’t make much money as other mainstream sports; but hey, that is completely absurd. Moreover, to let you guys know that American football players make more than you can ever imagine. So; today, we have stopped by here to discuss facts about the American Football Quarterback, Robert Griffin III; also his net worth and source of money.

Robert Griffin III Net Worth and salary

Because Robert has signed different endorsement deals with companies like Adidas, Castrol Motor Oil, EA Sports, Nissan, Subway, EvoShield and Gatorade; and alongside his football career and other stuff backing him up, his net worth has reached beyond the sky. As of 2015, his net worth has crossed $13 Million and he has a salary of $5 Million. Super impressive, huh!! 

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Robert Griffin III Source of Money

To this day, Robert has appeared for different Clubs and has played well in all of his club matches. For your Information, ‘The Washington Redskins’ signed him in July 2012 and his 2012 $21 million contracts with the Reds ended up with a $13.8 Million signing bonus. And as of 2015, ‘The Redskins’ offered him the salary of $3.2 Million. Now, you sure do know how his net worth got so high.

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Robert Griffin III Cars

As far as we know, his net worth is so high that he could get any cars if he wanted to. But maybe he likes to keep It simple and don’t wanna splurge much on cars. Recently, he has been seen with his new ride, that is, Volkswagen Passat VR6. Also, there are pictures of him with Continental GTC V8, Bentley; which costs around $60,000. You can see both of the cars yourself. 

Continental GTC V8, Bentley

Continental GTC V8, Bentley

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Robert Griffin III House

RG3’s time in Washington is done and he put his 9,000-Square-Foot house on the market for 2.75 Million. The house consists of ‘Habersham Plantation Kitchen’, ‘master suite with a walk-in closet’, ‘Lower level theater room’, ‘wine cellar’, ‘elevator’, ‘wet bar’, ‘5 bedrooms’, ‘4 bathrooms’ and more. Sources believe that he bought the house in May 2013; for $2.497 Million when he thought his future with ‘The Washington Redskins’.

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