American Footballer Robert Nkemdiche, suffers injury after falling from a hotel window

Of all the ways to sustain an injury, American footballer Robert Nkemdiche chose to fall from a fifteen foot window of an Atlanta Hotel! Police later said they suspect the fall to have been caused due to the influence of marijuana.

Robert apparently sustained several cuts and minor fractures to his shoulder and elbows which will keep him out of the game for at least two months. However, he was found stable and conscious. Robert apparently broke the window of his hotel room, walked fifteen feet and then climbed a wall before falling to the ground.

Some people have suspected foul play as earlier in the month, Robert’s elder brother Denzel Nkemdiche was hospitalized for an undisclosed reason. Sources close to the family have also said that the family also suspects fouls play as two members of the family have been involved with accidents via undisclosed reasons in the duration of just one month.

Robert's life ups and downs

Meanwhile, others say the Nkemdiche boys have let the success and fame get to their heads and are now indulging in various indecent activities like drug use.

Robert is a junior at the University of Mississippi and has been considered the top pick in the 2016 NFL drafts.  Robert has already managed to show his impressive stats for 2015 with 26 tackles and three sacks.

Well, this isn’t the first time Robert has suffered an injury this year. Earlier on in the year Robert suffered a massive concussion while playing on an offensive routine against the Memphis team. He was then ruled out for three games.

Due to his latest injury he has been ruled out of the most anticipated college football game in America, which is also called the Sugar Bowl on January 1st. Robert is also one of the most anticipated players and is awaited by the NFL.

He has been regarded as the best football prospect since the early 1980’s and is destined to break a forty year record in 2016 according to the ESPN. Robert also made college football history when he committed to the University of Mississippi, making him the highest touted player in the college history.

He has already been ranked a five star player by prominent statistical websites for American football, and  He has not only been considered the number one defense prospect in the upcoming 2016 NFL draft but also as the number 1 overall player.

Income and Networth

Robert is currently a student and cannot receive direct salary. But many prominent analysts have estimated that he is going to sign a record breaking contract this coming year. The estimated amount of his contract has been as high as $16 million for a three year contract.

Robert is 22 year of age and stands at 6 feet 4 inches in height. Robert is also one of the most followed college footballer in the country on social media. He is known to be a regular on Twitter. He can be followed on Twitter @TheLegendMerlin.

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