Roger Goodell - Net worth and Salary of Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL)

Commissioner of National Football League Roger Goodell has a great command over the game. Since his succession over Paul Tagliabue in August 2006 he has contributed significantly to the sport. Being a commissioner of such a popular sports no wonder Roger has command over such a fine salary and net worth.

Before his post as the commissioner of NFL Goodell was involved in other music sector being a rather successful musician and a record producer, not to mention a well-established businessman. All these contriubute significantly to his overall wealth and income.

Roger Goodell commands an attractive net worth that amounts to whooping $75million. His salary on the other hand, in 2012-13, was around $44.2 million. The composition of his salary includes $7.2 as a base salary whereas the remaining #37 million was his bonus. Similarly, his cumulative salary for the period of seven seasons totals around $148 million. Havin said this, he has income higher than any other players.


Since the NFL is no longer under its not-for-profit status Goodells’ salary disclosure is no longer mandatory but we at least know the estimation.

Beating the four other nominees for the post of the Commissioner Roger prevailed and started his tenure from September 2006. Now, he is considered one of the most powerful person in the world of sports. In his time in the post he has imposed a new NFL Personal Conduct Policy suspending as many as 9 players including Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Corner back Adam Jones and others for certain period of time. Various fans even label him as the most influential person in the sports since its inception.

With such a profound now looking over the beautiful sport no wonder everyone respects him. He is loved by everyone involved in NFL and even beyond- well can’t say the same for those souls who are convicted under his policy though.

Talking about his personal life Roger is married to Fox News anchor Jake Skinner. Together they twin daughter. Despite his vastly popularity he is a very simple individual with much love and affection for his family. Albeit his immeasurably important time he finds enough time for his wife and children. Probably the reason they are still going strong.

Roger Goodell with his wife Jake Skinner                                                                      Source:

Roger is also active in Twitter with a wide follower of around half a million. He often tweets about his personal and professional life and tries to keep in touch with his fans.

Everyone adores him and everyone respects him, probably the reason why he is such a phenomena in NFL and why he able to bank so much net worth.