American Actress Rebecca Ferratti is Living Happily with her Husband Xavier DeClie and Children

Have you watched the movie, Three Amigos? If you ave then you cannot miss the Sexy Señorita at the end who gives Ned a kiss. If you want to know who is that smoldering village hottie is, she is Rebecca Ferratti.


Many people still search if Rebecca Ferratti is married after her divorce with her former husband or is she single as of 2018. If you are wondering who is the lucky guy she got married to? Here we have gathered all the details about her marital status and relationship, you just need to keep scrolling.

Rebecca Ferratti is Married to Xavier DeClie after her divorce with Jimmy Franzo

It's been 15 years since the couple exchanged their vows yet the three Amigos star and her husband seem to be very much in love. Probably because they both share love for sports and acting. In case you are confused, Rebecca is also an active sports enthusiast like her husband.  She was actively involved in many professional sports, like martial arts.

[ CAPTION: Rebecca Ferratti throwing some serious kicks ]
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Rebecca Ferratti is also a dancer. She has appeared in a handful of music videos including for top-notch singers like  Aerosmith and Eddie Murphy, who played King in Coming To America and is again set to appear in its squeal once again.

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Prior Xavier, Rebecca was said to be married to Jimmy Franzo in 1998 but the date of their divorce is not revealed. According to a source, Rebecca and her ex-husband also share two children, however, Rebecca has neither officially confirmed about her previous marriage nor about her children.

So it remains a mystery whether Xavier is her second husband. Moreover, if Rebecca and Xavier have any children together is also unknown. Rebecca neither has an Instagram nor a Facebook account. For some reasons, she does not want to share details of her personal life. 

Rebecca Ferratti Movie Career

Rebecca Michelle Ferratti has already made herself a name in Hollywood by playing in over 25 movies. Apart from being an actress, she is also equally famous for appearing on Playboy`s Playmate for June's issue back in the year 1986. Likewise, the model and actress also appeared in "Mademoiselle", "Muscle and Fitness", "Swimwear Illustrated", "Swimwear International", "Los Angeles", "Power", "Femme Fatales".

[ CAPTION: Rebecca Ferratti on the playboy's June cover ]
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However, the 53-year-old American Actress is particularly known for her sexy roles, first one in the movie, Three Amigos in 1986 and then in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective too along with the popular actor, Jim Carrey.

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Youtube: Watch Rebecca in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Now moving on to her personal life. Rebecca Ferratti married a European Hunk, Xavier DeClie on 22nd Nov 2002. For your information, Rebecca's husband is known for having a deep passion for his extensive Martial Art training and he has even won three black belts in martial arts.

[ CAPTION: Rebecca and husband, Xavier ]
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So you better not mess with his darling wife. In addition to being a gold medalist in Martial arts, he is also a model and an actor like his wife. He has also appeared in a few movies in Hollywood like Vagabond and Chocolate City, best known for the role of Prince Tamul in the 90s television series, ConanXavier recently appeared in the movie,  Vengeance: A Love Story as Father Muldoon.