Eddie Murphy may return as the King in Coming To America's squeal once again

HitBerryPublished on   01 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Good news for all Eddie Murphy's fans, Eddie Murphy may return as the King in Coming To America's squeal once again. The Funny Actor Eddie Murphy after the tragic death of his brother Charlie Murphy may have a good news to share. The 1988's hit comedy movie Comming to America which gathered around $300 million globally is reportedly around the corners. As per reports "Coming To America" will possibly return to The Big screens once again.

The gossip of the release of Coming to The America started in 2013 and it was started by Eddie himself with a tweet which he later deleted, and in 2016 Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield also showed interest in writing the script which further gathered more publicity for the upcoming Sequal of the 88's hit.

Well, once all this looked as if it was a huge rumor and cast and crew remembering the good time they had while making the movie back in 1988 but now as it is finally about to become a reality, fans are desperately waiting for a formal announcement.

coming to America is given a green signal coming to America is given a green signal

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie has been given a green signal as Jonathan Levine is directing it and Kenya Barris have teamed with former writers Levine is set to direct the sequel, while Barris is on board to rewrite the script along with Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield who penned the 1988 original. As per the report, Kevin Misher will take care of the production of the sequel.

In the prequel of Comming to America 2, Eddie portrayed the role of a wealthy Prince of Zamunda visiting New York in the search for the love of his life was a smash hit. We hope to see Eddie again, but this time we don't think it would be appropriate for Eddie to go to America with a bunch of old actors on the same adventure as before, but we may see Eddie's on-screen son on the same type of adventure. But it's all up to the writers if they want to take the sequel the same direction as before.

As per the gossips that are flying around the corners, writers are willing enough to bring back the former prince of Zamunda as the current king. Hence, there is a very good chance that fans might as well see Eddie, but as the lead is still not finalized yet; it's better to keep all mouth shut until the release of its tailor.

We are still unsure if Eddie is in the frame but as Eddie has always shown interest in repeating the hit again, we do anticipate him playing an important part in its sequel as well.