Martial arts master Richard Norton to start appearing in movies again!! New movie coming out next year

December 24, 2015
First Published On: December 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Legendary martial artists Richard Norton, who has already showcases his expertise in over seventy prominent films, is all set to make a return to the film industry. Sources have said that his upcoming movie is Suicide Squad, the most anticipated movie of 2016.

2015 itself has been an outstanding year for Richard. He was part of the latest Mad Max movie in which he held the role of fight coordinator and stunt performer. The movie has already been given a legendary status by critics and fans alike.

Many consider it to be the best action movie to come out in the last five years. Richard’s expertise also have been highly regarded and acknowledged. Director of Mad Max George Miller has said that the reason why Mad Max was visually brilliant, especially when it came to stunts, was largely due to Richard.

 He also went on to say that there is no one in the industry with the vision and ability like Richard to conduct stunt and action sequences.  Richard, who is currently working on the post production of Suicide Squad, has said that, with the movie, he hopes to bring about a whole new level of stunt performance and fight sequences - a choreography never before witnessed by audiences.

Sources close to him have also said that we might be seeing Richard on screen from now on. He is known to do cameos in every movie he works on. However, he is also said to be considering working on a movie that is solely dedicated to martial arts.

As a professional actor, he has already worked in over seventy different movies so far. Out of these movies, some of his most noteworthy performances, ones that have helped him establish his prestige as an actor and stunt coordinator, have been in movies like “Man In Blood”,” Mind Games”,” Redemption”,” City Hunter”,” Mr. Nice Guy” ,” American Ninja” and “Twinkle ,Twinkle Lucky Stars”. Most of his early works were with popular martial arts actor Jackie Chan.

Apart from being an actor, he is also known for being a bodyguard to prominent celebrities like David Bowie”,” Stevie Nicks”,” James Taylor” and “The Rolling Stones”.

He has also said that, apart from being an actor, the thing he loved the most was pursuing his career as a martial artist. He has not let age defy him. Recently, at about 56 years of age, he attained his eight-dan in Zen Do Kai.

However, he has said that for the last couple of years, he has been considering retirement as his body has stopped allowing him to do stunts he was able to do in the past. He has said that he plans to retire as a stunt coordinator but will continue to work as actor.

Sources close to him have said that Suicide Squad might be Richard’s last movie in which he will work as a stunt coordinator.

Richard’s net worth is estimated to be $10 Million.