American Actor Sam Rockwell is in Relationship with Leslie Bibb, Are they Engaged?Know his Affairs

Longer the relationship, stronger it is said to be. Today, we are going to talk about the similar case of a celebrity couple, boyfriend Sam Rockwell and girlfriend Leslie Bibb who have been together since 2007. Cute right? Want to know in details about their relationship?


In their ‘more than a decade’ long relationship, we have a lot of cute stories to talk about. As they have been together for this long, you must also be wondering if the couple has any children. The couple is very much happy in each other’s company, looks like they will never get tired each other. Keep Scrolling to know more.

Sam Rockwell and girlfriend Leslie Bibb Relationship

Well, if you follow Golden Globes award, you must already know that Sam Rockwell won an award for the best supporting actor. Before he went up to accept the award, he was seen kissing his long-time girlfriend /date, Leslie Bibb. Well, this clearly shows how supportive the couple is to each other. On the Red Carpet of SAG awards, the couple gave some saucy relationship tips to the fans as well.

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[ CAPTION: Sam Rockwell giving girlfriend Leslie Bibb a cute kiss ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In the same award show, he also delivered an emotional and moving speech which still stays in every fans’ heart. He delivered the speech covered in Leslie’s lipstick. Cute right? Moreover, the couple is very much active in social media. They keep on posting pictures together on their Twitter and Instagram account.

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[ CAPTION: Sam Rockwell and partner Leslie Bibb ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Even though they have been dating for a long time now, they kept their relationship under the curtains for first few years. Leslie announced publicly about her relationship with Sam in an interview back in the year 2012. In the same interview, she also revealed that Rockwell was the first celebrity she ever dated.

How did Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb meet?

As we’ve already mentioned ‘when’ the couple met, now it is time for us to talk about ‘how’ actually they met. The couple met in the lobby of a hotel in Los Angeles named Chateau Marmont Hotel. They met when Rockwell was working on the movie, Frost/Nixon and Bibb was waiting to have dinner with her friends. And since then, the couple have been inseparable!

[ CAPTION: Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Bibb actually had a love-at-first-sight with Rockwell. She said,

He smiled at me, and I thought, 'Oh no, what's that?' Sometimes you just get struck.

Since then, the couple has been together of and on screen as well in Iron Man 2. They are one of the examples of long-lasting Hollywood relationship. Let’s play that they soon spread the news of their engagement followed by their marriage and start a family.