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Ryan Gosling at SAG award: Also know about his Net Worth, Dirt Bikes, Watches and more.

January 30, 2017
First published on:January 30, 2017
by John

Remember a child star of Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel? He has also appeared in the programs like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Yes, he is none another than a Canadian actor and musician Ryan Thomas Gosling.

Today, here we will be discussing Ryan Gosling appearance at SAG award. Also discuss more his net worth.

Ryan Gosling at SAG Award

Ryan was all suited for the SAG ceremony and was spotted to be very happy in the ceremony. Even though his partner Eva Mendes was not able to join him in the ceremony, he was enjoying the company of John Legend, Denzel, Chrissy Teigen and Pauletta Washington.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Source: popsugar

Speaking up about the award function, his reaction is taken to be the most adorable reaction to Emma Stone's passionate acceptance speech. His facial reaction was the cutest of all of the night.

Ryan Gosling is four times nominated as well as he is on the heels of his Oscar nomination for best actor for his outstanding performance in the movie La La Land. We are happy to know about Ryan Gosling achieving Golden Globes this year.

Meryl Steep was also spotted fixing Ryan Gosling bow tie while they catch up at the same SAG Awards. Have a look at these pictures: Aren't the pics super cute.

Meryl Steep fixing Ryan Gosling Bow Tie

Meryl Steep fixing Ryan Gosling Bow Tie

Source: eonline

Ryan Gosling's Net Worth

 Ryan Gosling has been working in the field since 1993. It's like he has almost spent two and half decades in the industry. Goosebumps, The Believer, The United States of Leland, La La Land, Lost River are some of his notable movies. However, his royal look and always perfect dress up makes everyone compel to think he is super rich.

Talking about his net worth, Ryan Gosling is estimated to have the net worth of around $30 million. He is also regarded as one of the richest Hollywood celebrities. However, he has not revealed anything regarding his salary.

Ryan Gosling's Dirt Bike

Ryan Gosling has always shown his keen interest in the bikes. He owns a white dirt bike and is generally spotted in Los Angeles. Previously while attending his martial arts classes; he was often spotted using his dirt bike. The price of the bike ranges from $7599. Have a look:

Ryan Gosling on his Dirt Bike

Ryan Gosling on his Dirt Bike

Source: zimbio

Ryan Gosling's Watch

While talking about Ryan Gosling's assets, he can't just part with his Rolex Day Date Wristwatch. The watch has actually standardized his look. The price of the watch starts from $30,499.

Ryan Gosling

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