Starting MMA Training? How Many Foot Gare Do You Actually Need?

Starting MMA Training? Well, to be honest, the fight game is all about willpower, sweat, and blood that you pour in your training. Its never about gare and expensive shoes as it is not a fashion show, but you sure need a few gare which allows you to protect your limbs.


So, the question is pretty relevant, as MMA consists of striking with both hands, legs along with wrestling all compiled to create a vicious sport, what do you actually need to buy so that your footwork, ground game as well as the striking improvement so that you suffer the least injury as possible.

Buying new sports equipment can drain you financially but wearing proper gear while training may help you improve your abilities. So, let's go check what UFC's sponcer Reebok has to offer for all MMA practitioners.

Let's take a look at a few product that keeps your foot-and Toes protected

1) Wrestling Shoes

We hope your MMA gym has alternative Wrestling / Jui-Jutsu classes every alternate day, so Wrestling shoes should be one of the footgear that you have on your checklist.

They are a flat foot shoes which on wearing feel like you are walking barefoot and have a rubber sole which doesn't slip away from the mat and doesn't damage your practice mat as well.

[ CAPTION: Wrestling shoes from Rebook ]
[ SOURCE: Rebook ]

The shoe should be light and flexible and mimic the barefoot it is designed to provide slightly more traction and ankle support and less chance of contracting a disease or hurting the opponent with exposed toenails and absorb a lot of shocks.

Cost: It's cost ranges from $100 to $150

2) Boxing Shoes

Striking game is also another important aspect of MMA, and if you can't hit your opponent buying an expensive shoes or globes is pointless, but if you are dedicated to the sports then you need a pair of good boxing shoes (some of the high-quality wrestling shoes can also be chosen as option)

Choose your Boxing shoes carefully, it should weigh less than normal athletic shoes. If you are wearing boxing shoes then it should feel as if you are not wearing a shoe at all. Why? Well, boxing needs all boxers to be super light on their feet and change direction and stance frequently. Choose Boxing shoes made of lightweight leather or suede.

[ CAPTION: Low Top Boxing Shoes ][ SOURCE: Reebok ]

The Boxing shoe you should have a thin rubber sole with a huge traction to hold you firmly to the ground. 


Boxing shoes come in three different top version: high-top, mid-top, and low-top. The high-top shoes provide more support and protection to your ankle and lower shins but mid -top and low-top are more mobile. Some boxers prefer the low-top shoes for workouts since they provide for greater mobility.


Boxing shoes allow sweat to evaporate from the feet because they have permeability, meaning fluid passes through them easily increasing your breathability.

Let me remind you, if you are doing so much for your boxing and wrestling then you shouldn't forget about another superweapon, "your legs". Don't forget: if you strengthen your kicking abilities, you become an overall killing machine. So, let's see a few tools that are better when used than working-out bare foot.

[ CAPTION: Mid-Top Boxing Shoes ]
[ SOURCE: Reebok ]

Semi Contact foot protectors: It is usually a wrap around foot guard that protects your instep and foot. This is usually made out of light leather.

Cost: It's cost ranges from $80 to $100

[ CAPTION: High-top Boxing Shoes from Reebok ]
[ SOURCE: Reebok ]

Elastic Ankle Brace Support Pad

Leather made semi contact foot protector is specifically designed for the use of semi contact and Kickboxing.

[ CAPTION: Adult / child protect gloves Taekwondo-Foot Protector A ]
[ SOURCE: Sports gear ]

A wrap-around strap at the back and elastic strap underneath improves comfort and fit to enhance performance.