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Amazing Facts about Female Cinematographer Rachel Morrison

April 12, 2018
First published on:April 12, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American cinematographer, Rachel Morrison is best known for her work in the films like Fruitvale Station and Black Panther. Her work in Mudbound- the Netflix original film earned an Oscar nomination in the year 2018. Check out five interesting facts about Rachel Morrison.


A list of the name of all respected and reserved living personnel in the modern world of Cinematography would be incomplete without this American cinematographer- Rachel Morrison. So if you are interested to know the interesting facts about Rachel then just keep scrolling.

Five interesting facts about Rachel Morrison

Rachel Morrison was born on 27th April 1978. She grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and took up photography at the very young age.

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5. Rachel Morrison- First woman as director of photography on Marvel

It’s quite interesting facts about Rachel that she is the first woman to serve as a director of photography on Marvel Cinematic Universe Film. It was Director Ryan Coogler, who pushed Rachel to get hired.

Well, Director Ryan had already worked with Rachel in the film Fruitvale Station. So he suggested Rachel as a director of photography on Marvel Cinematic Universe Film.

CAPTION: Rachel Morrison- First woman as director of photography

She was also offered to be DP (Director of Photography) for Ryan’s film Creed, but she turned down the job because she thought that the birth of her son would disrupt the schedule of her shooting.

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Youtube: Five facts you need to know about Rachel Morison

4. Rachel Morrison- Bigger Budget project

Well, it’s Black Panther where she has a much bigger budget than her past project. In an interview, she said that working with Marvel provide her greater access to equipment and cameras than that she has before.

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CAPTION: Rachel Morrison- Bigger Budget project SOURCE: Variety
As Black Panther was her first film in which she didn’t operate a camera herself. She was in charge of the bigger crews. Since Black Panther achieved enormous success at the box office, it encourages to hire women.

3. Rachel Morrison- DP for reality series

Before, Rachel worked as DP for the movies, she served as DP for the reality series like The Hills and Newport Harbor: The Real Orange Country. These reality TV series gave her a greater chance to learn about the new cameras including the types of lighting equipment.

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CAPTION: Rachel Morrison- DP for reality series SOURCE: Alchetron

2. Rachel Morrison- Attended Concord Academy

Rachel attended Concord Academy and studied photojournalism. Though her interest ended up by shifting to film, she realized that there was a different power to move the image that she could not equal in the photography.

CAPTION: Rachel Morrison- Attended Concord Academy SOURCE: Speakerpedia

And she pursued a double major in film and photography at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and did her master’s degree in cinematography from an American Film Institute Conservatory.

1. Rachel Morrison- First Lesbian to be Oscar Nominated for  Cinematography

Rachel made the Oscars history by being the first lesbian to be nominated for Best Cinematography. Not only the 1st lesbian but also the first Woman for Best Cinematography.

It’s been around 90 years for the Oscars and it was the first time a woman- Rachel was up for the honor. She was nominated for her hard work on the Netflix drama Mudbound.

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