Age 31, American Actress Lindsay Lohan's Net Worth and Lifestyle

An American actress, singer and fashion designer, Lindsay Dee Lohan who is engaged to Tarabasov must have earned lots of money and added to her total net worth through her successful career as an actress as well as a singer.


Spending almost around 3 decades in the Hollywood and rising to fame day by day and collecting lots of fans she also must good earning through it. While looking at the actress, she seems really successful in the filming industry and living a lavish lifestyle. Since she is having a great life, she should earn lots of cash from her career. Hence, if you want to look at the professional life earnings of this actress then, keep on scrolling. 

Lindsay Dee Lohan's Net Worth

The 31 years' old actress, Lindsay Lohan, who has been in the filming industry since she was 3 years' old, has an estimated total net worth of around $500,000. YES! She has just that much cash with her. This also startled us but, this is almost an exact estimation of her worth. 

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CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan SOURCE: Zimbio

 Almost all of her earnings are from her acting career, but she also earns a lot from sponsorship and ad campaigns. Her net worth dropped to that much because she has collected a lot of properties for her herself. And, let's not forget the luxurious way of life of the actress, which has also been a big factor to the drop of her total net worth. 

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In 2012, she had earned about $2 million from the Playboy Shootout. She also earned about $300 thousand from her Lifetime flop Loz and Dick. Apart from that, she has also earned $200 thousand for a cameo in the Scary Movie 5. During 2012, she was also seized for a total of unpaid $233,904 income taxes. She has been constantly talked for her unpaid taxes with $140,203 for 2009 and $93,701 for 2011. 

Lindsay Dee Lohan's property

Well, having half million doesn't mean she has not earned lots of money. Although she has half million on her account, she has lots of property which worth is very high. More than lots of millions. Have a look at Lindsay's property detail including her house and car.

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Lindsay Dee Lohan's House

Lindsay Lohan had been living in her luxurious Beverly Hills pad which she had been living for about $8 thousand per month. Later, before she moved out, she redesigned her house for about $200 thousand. 

CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan's house in California SOURCE: YouTube

Later, she moved to another rental beach house in Venice, California. The house is made on a total of 3100 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It was heard that she paid a total of around $7100 per month for the house. 

Lindsay Dee Lohan's Car Collection

Lindsay can also been seen as a car enthusiast. She has a lot of car collection in her garage. The first one, being the BMW. Any model of the BMW car costs more than $50 thousand, so she must have paid the same. 

CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan's car SOURCE: YouTube

Apart from that, she is also a supercar lover as she has a Porsche and a Lamborghini as well. Usually, a Porsche costs about a $100 thousand to $150 thousand. Since she has a Porsche of the Carrera GT model, she must have paid around $125 thousand for the car. Her Lamborghini is also not as cheap as the Porsche. The price of a single Lambo costs more than $200 thousand. So, it's safe to say that she spends a huge amount on that car, isn't it? 

CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan's car SOURCE: YouTube
CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan's car SOURCE: YouTube

Lindsay Dee Lohan's Pet

Actress, Lindsay also love to nurture the dog. As per our research, she has two dogs with her. If you have followed her then you must have seen her with a dog in lots of places. One of her dogs is of a boxer while another Maltese. She uses to care both of them nicely and treat like an own child.

CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan's pet SOURCE: YouTube
CAPTION: Lindsay Dee Lohan's pet SOURCE: Pinterest

As per the US market, the price of the boxer is around $1200 to $1500 while Maltese is around $1000. 

Top 10 Facts of Lindsay Dee Lohan

1. Lindsay Dee Lohan was born on 2nd July 1986 in NY city.
2. She is born to father Michael Lohan and mother Dina Lohan as a first child.
3. Besides her hometown, she also resides in Dubai and London.
4. she started a career at the age of three as a child model.
5. Her TV debut came in 1996 and breakthrough performance was in 1998.
6. During her school days, she was a very talented student.
7. Her favorite food is Sushi.
8. During 2007, Lindsay had been caught with cocaine while driving under the influence of alcohol. 
9. The famed Kardashian, Kim K was a stylist for her before she came to fame. 
10. she has allergy from blueberries.