Lindsay Lohan shows off her ring as she steps out with her boyfriend and sister.

Lindsay Lohan shows off her ring as she steps out with her boyfriend and sister.

Wow! That ring with an emerald rock is so beautiful. The 29-year-old actress has been dating Russian heir Egor Tarabasov only about five months ago. And they have already got engaged very recently. That’s pretty fast! Don’t you think? Guess it must be true when love happens, it happens in a flash.

Well now that they have been engaged, Lohan is proudly flashing off her beautiful ring when she steps out with her fiancé Tarabasov.

The actress simply was hanging out with them in the dream city- the New York city. Her hair was casually kept and it was so nice. Both Lohan and her fiancé were wearing sunglasses that looked so dashing and stylish on them while they were enjoying their cigarettes.

The actress wore a sexy black top with jeans and black boots looking hot as ever while she was taking a smoking break with her 22-year-old fiancé Tarabasov. She was proudly showing off her engagement ring all sparkled and looking glorious. And wait! Let us not miss her stylish baby sister there.

On the other hand, her little sister was wearing a sexy black dress with a lace. The actress’ baby sister had gorgeous black hair. The two sisters were simply enjoying their shopping.

When the celebrities are having their time, others who were walking down that road. They were busy taking photos and so were the media.

Guys! This was not her first time flashing her ring in public. She had been spotted with her once-estranged father Michael in NYC. It seemed that the actress has forgiven her father. At that time, she was wearing a long yellow coat over a black top and leggings.