13 Years Actor Noah Schnapp's Salary and Net Worth Achieving Through His Profession

We bet that you’re eagerly waiting for The Stranger Things season 3, right? Well, actually we all are. But we are not here to tell you the date of release of the third season but we will be talking in detail about one of the kids of the series, Noah Schnapp and his net worth and earnings.


Noah’s net worth is quite big for a guy of his age. He is just 13 years old! So if you want to know in detail about his net worth, lifestyle, salary and earnings from the Stranger Things, continue reading this.

Noah Schnapp’s net worth and lifestyle

Will Byers from The Stranger Things, whose real name is Noah Schnapp has a current estimated net worth of $3 million. Being just 13 years of age, Noah lives a very standard and lavish life. However, he didn’t make all his earnings from The Stranger Things alone. He has worked in several other movies and has voiced different characters.

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Caption: Movies Noah Schnapp have worked on

Noah was born on 3rd of October 2004, in Scarsdale, Westchester, New York. He has made a lot of money from acting as well as voice acting and even has a Screen Guild Actors Awards for the series The Stranger Things. If you want to know in detail about his earnings from the famous Netflix series, scroll down.

Noah Schnapp’s salary and earnings from The Stranger Things

Noah started working for the stranger things when he was just 11 years old. At the beginning of the series, he was paid $10,000 per episode for the first season. Although he went missing in the series and hardly appeared on any scenes in the first season, he was paid the same as other Stranger Things kids.

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CAPTION: Noah Schnapp as Will Buyers in the stranger things
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With the start of the second season, Noah’s pay also got raised. He was paid $20,000 per episode for Season 2. Again in the second season, he was still missing and appeared only in some glimpse and flashbacks of what he was going through in the upside down world.

CAPTION: Noah Schnapp as Will Buyers in the stranger things
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With the end of the second season, the series gained a huge popularity and the kids started to be recognized by almost everyone. We all are eagerly waiting for the third season to air. Well in the third season, all the kids of stranger things including Noah, are assured a pay raise.

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CAPTION: Noah Schnapp
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Well, guess how much Noah is going to make in the third season? As his pay doubled in the second season, we all have already guessed that he will be paid more than the second season. According to celebrity net worth, he will be earning $250 thousand per episode in the third season.