Young and Foolish singer Alex Aiono is dating girlfriend Meg Deangelis. Will he marry her?

June 17, 2016
First published on:June 17, 2016
by HitBerry

Young and Foolish singer Alex Aiono is dating girlfriend Meg Deangelis. Will he marry her?

It seems people are now and then wondering if their favorite You tuber Alex Aiono is single or not.

The singer of Young and Foolish Alex Aiono (birth name Martin Alexander Aiono), who became famous for his YouTube cover videos was apparently in a relationship. Alex was involved in an affair with Youtuber Meg Deangelis. Ooo La. La. Youtuber makes love with another youtuber. How awesome is that??

Both of them have done numerous songs together and honestly, they are pretty good at it. Actually, we might not be wrong if we say their common interest is another major base for their relationship.

Here is a video of them performing together. I bet you would like it.

Wow! Wasn't that good?

If you realize they are not only into the song but into each other as well. Gazing each other’s eyes as they sing their part and those lovely smile they give each other makes us realize the true meaning of the word relationship goals. Sadly and unfortunately their relationship could not last for long.

Yes! You heard it right, their cute and sweet love story has already been burnt down to ashes. Guess, even the common interest could not bind the couple together for a lifetime.  Well, gone are their tears and laughter. Both of them have moved on and are now good friends. However, you never know when that spark would come back.

Ok, now let’s rewind a little into how they started their career and how they fell in love in the first place. Alex and Meg starred in the YouTube series Royal Crush. The show started in 2014 and is suspected to be the stage where both of them met.

Actually, Alex was not hesitant to reveal that Meg was her girlfriend as he invited Meg numerous times to his YouTube channel and even declared about their affair.

Recently Alex was asked about his relationship with Meg. He responded that although they were indeed dating now they are just good friends. You know what does that mean, right??

"I would say the coolest person I met on the show is probably Meg," Alex reveals. "On a personal level, Meg and I dated for a couple of months and really got to know each other and now we’re really good friends and so it’s just another blessing on top of everything that I got to make such a close connection with somebody I got to work with."

Alex further confirmed the news in one of the Q&A section of his YouTube videos. Alex and Meg split up around March 2015 but still remains good friends. Although many fans had such high hopes for this couple. Fans out there even thought that they would get married someday but now that they broke up, people are bound to be happy that both of them remain good friends and left off in a good note.

Currently, there are no rumors or news about Aiono’s love life but considering how open he is about his life he might not be in a relationship at the moment. Prior to Meg, Alex had confessed that he had indeed loved a girl before but she just recently got married. He also stated how he was happy for her.

Alex is born in 1996 and this 20-year-old singer has made his mark on music industry pretty well. Right from his young age, he was supported by the family.

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