YouTube star Meg DeAngelis and Ex-Boyfriend Alex Aiono had relationship of two months.

March 11, 2018
First published on:June 17, 2016
by HitBerry

Weren’t MayBaby and Alex Aiono the absolute OTP? Yes, they were but things don’t always stay the same and our hearts broke as much as theirs when they broke up! But, they are BACK!


Not back as in the dating scene but in the new season of Royal Crush! And that still makes us happy and thankful for Awesomeness TV for bringing that show on for the next season.

CAPTION: Meg DeAngelis and Ex-Boyfriend Alex Aiono SOURCE: Instagram

Meg DeAngelis and Alex Aiono were definitely the ‘It’ couple of YouTube. From boyfriend/ girlfriend tags to singing songs, they were absolutely adorable together.

Now if you do not get all the hype about Malex, yeah, that’s Meg and Alex, just check out the video below. And tell us if you do not think they’re the real OTP. Totes adorbs!

Now no matter how much we miss them as a couple and regret the unfortunate separation, things are off for better. Don’t trust me?

"I would say the coolest person I met on the show is probably Meg," Alex reveals. "On a personal level, Meg and I dated for a couple of months and really got to know each other and now we’re really good friends and so it’s just another blessing on top of everything that I got to make such a close connection with somebody I got to work with," That’s what Alex had to say about his relationship with Meg DeAngelis.

"Now, looking back at everything, if I hadn’t been part of the show, I probably wouldn’t have been so close to the friends that I have now, especially Meg."

Awwwww, see? That’s what we’re missing!

But since I’ve said before things are better now, MayBaby’s video’s never been better. She’s got 5 million subscribers on YouTube! But then again, when was MayBaby’s channel not good?

Ermm, never! Meg DeAngelis, 21 is a Canadian-born YouTuber who spent most of her life in Europe before eventually moving to California. She has a twin sister, Ashley.

Meg DeAngelis initially started her YouTube career at a very young age by posting her gymnastic videos which moved on to more daily life stuffs to vlogs to DIYs to lifestyle videos and has evolved to a massively successful Youtube channel now.

Not just her YouTube channel but the 21-year-old has also launched her own room decor line for Pottery Barn Teen. After all, it is her creative outlook towards crafts is what makes MayBaby special.

“One day I was at a craft store, and I was looking at a shelf and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I could literally any of putting hundreds of these things together in hundreds of different ways,” DeAngelis said to The Daily Dot. “So I bought a lot of it—too much of it, probably—but then, from that day forward, if I want to think of ideas, I just go to the craft store and look at the shelves.”

She is one of the most successful YouTubers among the likes of Alisha Marie, Bethany Mota, Meredith Foster, and Aspyn Ovard. MayBaby is rumored to have a net worth of an estimated $477,000.

As for the 20-year-old Alex Aiono, he is also a very successful YouTube star who makes beautiful cover songs collaborating with numerous artists.

He has also had a fair share of his original work, his album Alexmas was sold out on Itunes. He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $37,000.