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Megan DeAngelis (Meg DeAngelis aka MayBaby) clothing line,style,outfits,life hacks and DIY room decor-Know all

June 17, 2016
First published on:June 17, 2016
by John

‘Hey, guys! It’s Meg!’

If you are someone who follows MayBaby on a regular basis, you definitely read that in her voice! Well at least, I did! But if you are new to her channel and have only watched a few videos but decided lurk around then stay! You will not be disappointed. But wait you don’t even know her, do you? Fret not, for I have all the answers to your questions about the sunshine girl, Megan DeAngelis and those of you who know her, I know you’ll stay. After all, one can never get enough of their favorite YouTuber! Been there, done that, still not over it.

Megan DeAngelis mostly posts lifestyle vids, DIY stuffs, style videos; OOTD, OOTN & OOTW, life hacks, room decor, boyfriend tag, #TMI tag, and the list goes on. YouTubers are known for their bright and poppy lifestyle. Everything’s colorful from their videos to their outfits, everything’s so attractive.


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No wonder they influence thousands of people. Speaking of which, did you know that our MayBaby has her own line of room décor and clothing. Nope? Then I have a sneak peek right here!

Unfortunately, the clothing line wasn’t a success and about her room décor line, fans have been complaining about how her room décor line with Pottery Barn is too expensive and unreasonable. According to the fans, they’re not interested in buying “$60 for a wire that was bent into the word "happy"!!”. However, the MayBaby fanbase seems pretty understanding, while they commented on the price being too high, they didn’t forget that Meg couldn’t have a say in the prices and express all the love for her. Here’s a huge shout out to all the MayBaby’s babies out there!

-Born in Canada, Megan spent most of her life in Europe, Germany to be precise and that’s when she started her career as a YouTuber. As she exclusively revealed in her " target="_blank">Draw My Life video, she got into cheerleading when in Canada. She was a cheerleader in her high school and even after she moved to Germany, she was an active part of the cheerleading scenario there. So active that she went on to participate and win in nationals and continental cheerleading competitions. And winning those competitions wasn’t all, something more interesting came out of her interest in cheerleading. Her YouTube channel! She initially started by posting cheerleading related videos. She established a very good connection with her audiences by putting her personal life on the internet in a very tasteful manner, it’s basically like how you share your secrets with your real life friends.

She does a lot of fashion, makeup, how-to, lifestyle videos and also makes collaboration videos with other prominent YouTubers like Meredith Foster, SierraMarieMakeup, Nikki & Gabi, LaurDIY, MyLifeAsEva, Aspyn Ovard, and Rclbeauty101. She played the lead Desi in Awesomeness TV’s web series ‘Royal Crush’. She briefly dated her ‘Royal Crush’ co-star and fellow YouTuber Alex Aiono. Despite being the fans’ beloved couple, they broke up but have been really good friends since then. They came back together for the third season of the web-series.

Megan DeAngelis now have 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, MayBaby, 2 million on Instagram, and over a million on Twitter. She is rumored to have a net worth of an estimated $477,000, on the way to becoming a millionaire but isn’t she already with all the love and support she gets from you guys? Here’s a virtual toast to MayBaby and her fans!


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