Whose Hearts Did Meagan Good Capture? Exploring Her Fascinating Relationship Story

Meagan Good is a popular actress recognized for her roles in various movies. Some of her well-known films include "Think Like A Man," "Brick," and "Shazam! Fury of the Gods." With her talent and dedication, she has managed to accumulate a net worth of $5 million. 

Additionally, Good is currently in a loving relationship with actor Jonathan Majors, showcasing their strong bond and affection for each other. As her career continues to flourish, fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and performances on the big screen. Let's take a deep dive into her love life.

Currently Dating Jonathan Majors

Meagan Good is presently in a romantic relationship with fellow actor Jonathan Majors. While they enjoy each other's company, she has chosen to keep most details about their relationship private, preferring a low-profile approach. Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, there have been instances where the couple has been seen together. 

JonathanMeagan Good and Jonathan Majors arriving in Court SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel

For instance, Good and Majors were spotted celebrating a birthday together, sparking the interest of their fans and she has also been there for him during his ongoing trial. Although they haven't openly shared much about their relationship, their shared moments and companionship are evident, and their supporters eagerly await any updates they might choose to share in the future.

When Did Good And Majors Start Dating?

The exact start date of Good and Majors' relationship remains a mystery, and little is known about how they initially crossed paths. However, a notable event occurred in April 2023 when the couple was spotted together at the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles, as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail

This public appearance raised eyebrows as they attended a film premiere, hinting at their growing connection. While the details of their relationship's origins might remain unclear, this outing marked a significant moment in their journey together and piqued the curiosity of fans and observers alike.

A Bit About Good's Boyfriend And His Ongoing Case

Jonathan Majors is a talented actor who has captured the audience's attention through his diverse roles. One of his notable portrayals includes bringing the character Kang the Conqueror to life in the movie "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania." His impressive acting skills have also been showcased in other well-known projects such as "Lovecraft Country," "The Last Black Man in San Francisco," and "White Boy Rick." 

JonathanJonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania SOURCE: IGN YouTube Channel

Notably, Majors' dedication to his craft led him to graduate from the prestigious Yale School of Drama, where he earned an MFA in acting, solidifying his expertise and passion for the art. His outstanding talent has garnered recognition, and he has been honored as a recipient of the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL) National Drama Competition, further highlighting his remarkable contribution to the world of acting.

Majors is currently facing a challenging situation as he goes through an assault and harassment trial. The actor has been charged with misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor harassment in connection with an alleged incident involving several women, as mentioned in an article from People. Despite these accusations, the actor firmly denies the claims against him. Throughout this difficult period, Meagan Good has shown unwavering support for him. Her presence and encouragement during this trying time demonstrate the strength of their relationship and her belief in his innocence. 

Used To Be A Married Woman

Good was once a married woman, having tied the knot with DeVon Franklin. Their marriage spanned from June 16, 2012, to June 7, 2022. The couple's journey began when they started dating in 2011, and their love story blossomed over time. They took a significant step forward in their relationship by getting engaged in May 2012. Their wedding was a truly special occasion, held at the picturesque Triunfo Creek Winery in Malibu, California. 

The ceremony was uniquely themed with Spanish and bayou influences, creating a distinctive and memorable atmosphere. Good and Franklin's love was celebrated by an impressive gathering of 400 guests who shared in their joyous union. While their marriage eventually came to an end, the memories of their beautiful wedding and the time they spent together continue to be a part of the actress's journey.

How Had Good And Her Ex-Husband's Love Story Started?

Meagan Good and her ex-husband, Franklin's love story had its roots well before their appearance in the 2011 film "Jumping the Broom." They had crossed paths about four years before they collaborated on the movie. During that time, she was navigating a challenging relationship that wasn't quite the right fit for her. As fate would have it, her connection with him deepened when they had the opportunity to work together on set. 

DevonMeagan Good with her ex-husband, Devon Franklin SOURCE: Tamron Hall Show YouTube Channel

It was during this time that Good realized she had encountered someone truly special. She recalls thinking, "Man, that's the kind of guy I wish I could marry." However, their romantic journey didn't immediately take off. It was only later after the actress returned from filming in Nova Scotia and found herself at a crossroads in her life, that she received clear guidance. 

Good shared that she felt a divine message from God: first, to end her existing relationship and that's what led to her relationship with her future husband. This series of spiritual revelations ultimately set the course for their relationship and eventual marriage.

Remained Celibated Before Her Marriage

Good and Franklin chose to maintain celibacy before tying the knot, displaying a deep commitment to their relationship. Their approach to physical intimacy was marked by a strong sense of purpose and restraint. According to him, their connection was built on a solid foundation that prioritized emotional and spiritual connection before anything else. They took a deliberate approach to their blossoming romance, even limiting physical contact in the early stages. 

Franklin shared that they only held hands on their second date, which is a testament to the thoughtfulness they put into nurturing their relationship. Recognizing the challenges that often accompany romantic relationships, he and Good aimed to share their unique journey as a source of inspiration and guidance. By choosing to wait before engaging in sexual intimacy, they aimed to emphasize the importance of establishing a healthy and meaningful connection as a fundamental aspect of a successful marriage and partnership.

Other Relationships

In addition to her marriage with DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good has had several other notable relationships. She was in a relationship with former NFL player Thomas Jones from January 2007 to June 2010, but their relationship ended due to issues of infidelity on Jones' part. She also briefly dated Soulja Boy from November 2008 to January 2009. 

Good was romantically linked with Joseph Gordon-Levitt from April to October 2004. Another significant relationship was with 50 Cent, whom she dated from May 2002 to May 2003,  following their collaboration on his music video for "21 Questions.". Additionally, she dated Hosea Chanchez from April 1995 to June 1998. Her romantic history reveals a range of connections and experiences, reflecting the different phases of her life and career.

Apart from her confirmed relationships, Good has also been the subject of various rumored romantic connections. In the past, rumors were suggesting that she was involved with Lil Wayne during the 2000s. However, these rumors were denied by the actress herself in 2016. Another rumored relationship involved Tyrese Gibson, with speculation that they were dating in 2006. 

Similarly, Good was rumored to have been romantically linked with Jamie Foxx from January to April 2006. These rumors were addressed by her, who denied their accuracy in 2016. Additionally, there were speculations about a potential relationship between her and Nick Cannon from April to August 2006, although she also denied these rumors in 2016. These rumored relationships provide a glimpse into the public's fascination with her personal life, and her efforts to clarify and dispel such speculations highlight her commitment to maintaining her privacy and setting the record straight.


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