Who Stole Jasmine Waltz's Heart? A Look at Her Dating History

Jasmine Waltz, the multi-talented model, actress, and reality television personality who once graced our screens on "Celebrity Big Brother," has led a fascinating love life. Today, she stands proudly as a single woman, a testament to her strength and resilience. 

In the past, Waltz has been in a few high-profile relationships, capturing the attention of fans and media alike. Her romances with notable figures like Calum Best, Danny Cipriani, and Lee Ryan have been subjects of intrigue and curiosity. 

Waltz Is Single Today

At this moment, Jasmine Waltz finds herself embracing the joy of being single. The whirlwind of her life has led her to a crossroads, where the future is as uncertain as a misty morning. Will she open her heart to love again, allowing someone to walk beside her on this journey? Only time will reveal the answer to that question. 

JasmineJasmine Waltz playing Archery SOURCE: Jasmine Waltz Instagram @jasminewaltz

For now, Waltz basks in the freedom to explore the world, savoring the sweetness of solitude and self-discovery. Her story reminds us that life's adventures are unpredictable, and sometimes, the most beautiful tales unfold when we least expect them, adding an element of mystery and excitement to the unwritten chapters of her life. 

Lee Ryan: Waltz's Last Known Relationship

In the whirlwind world of "Celebrity Big Brother," love sometimes blooms unexpectedly, just as it did for Waltz and Lee Ryan in 2014. Their romance kindled amidst the cameras and chaos of the reality show, seemed like a fairy tale in the making. However, when the final curtain fell and the show ended, the reality of life set in. 

Despite their best efforts, Jasmine and Lee's relationship encountered hurdles they couldn't overcome. The once inseparable pair decided to part ways, leaving behind the echoes of their brief but intense connection. 

The Ugly Breakup With Lee Ryan

Jasmine bravely opened up about the challenges she faced during their relationship in the aftermath of her breakup with Lee Ryan. According to her, one of the major reasons behind their ugly split was his overwhelming ego. She revealed how being with him became emotionally exhausting, as he constantly dominated conversations with tales of his rising career, leaving little room for her voice to be heard. 

LeeJasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan in Celebrity Big Brother SOURCE: Big Brother UK YouTube Channel

What hurt Jasmine even more were Lee's false promises. She recalled instances where he professed his love at the airport, promising to join her in a few days, only to be left waiting and disappointed. The pattern of empty reassurances took its toll on her, leaving her feeling disillusioned and heartbroken. 

Lee's Sexuality Allegations

Jasmine once, boldly stated that her and Lee's relationship met its demise due to his infidelity, a claim that was met with swift denial from his spokesperson. In response, the spokesperson dismissed her allegations as absurd, refusing to engage in a public debate. 

According to the spokesperson, Lee had extended his kindness by offering Jasmine a place to stay when she was in need. The statement emphasized that his primary focus remained on the well-being of his children, prioritizing their happiness above all else. 

The Time Waltz Dated Danny Cipriani

In the whirlwind of romance, Waltz found herself entangled with rugby player Danny Cipriani. Their story began in 2010 when they first crossed paths, sharing a fleeting connection that left a lasting impression on both. However, fate intervened, pulling them apart temporarily. 

DannyDanny Cipriani in one of his matches SOURCE: Danny Cipriani Instagram @dannyciprani87

Fast forward to 2014, and Waltz and Cipriani's paths converged once again, reigniting the spark they had felt years before. The rekindling of their romance felt like a twist in a romantic novel. 

Claimed Jasmine Changed Cipriani

In the fascinating tale of Waltz and Cipriani, love played the role of a transformative force. She, with her unwavering spirit, saw the potential for change in him, who had earned a reputation as a love cheat. Despite his past mistakes, she believed in his capacity for growth and redemption. 

Jasmine claimed to have witnessed a remarkable transformation in him, with time, patience, and unwavering support. According to her, he had evolved into a completely different man from the one she met four years ago. He had shed his old ways, leaving behind a trail of heartache, and had emerged as a gentleman. 

Did Ciprani Lied About Waltz?

In the swirling drama of love and betrayal, Jasmine Waltz found herself caught in a web of conflicting narratives. Danny Cipriani's autobiography, "Who Am I?" painted a vivid, albeit contentious, picture of their tumultuous relationship and its aftermath. 

According to Danny, he embarked on a whirlwind romance with Lindsay Lohan after parting ways with Jasmine, which led to a dramatic confrontation in an LA nightspot. He claimed that she punched Lohan during a heated altercation. However, she vehemently denied these accusations, branding his account as entirely false, suggesting it was a blend of fact and fiction. 

Jasmine, who was an eyewitness to the events that unfolded, vividly remembers Danny's initial attention towards her when he entered the club. But the situation took a turn when Lohan joined them, leading to a dramatic confrontation. In her version of events, it was Lindsay who sparked the altercation, throwing the evening into chaos. 

Waltz's words echoed with a mix of disbelief and disappointment as she reacted to Cipriani's revelations in his book. The revelation that he was writing a book caught her off guard, and she couldn't fathom the audacity to brag about breaking hearts and ruining lives. In her eyes, he stood exposed as a womanizer, dedicating a significant chunk of his life to manipulating and toying with the emotions of girls. 

Claimed She And Lamar Odom Were A Thing

Jasmine found herself entangled in a mysterious liaison with NBA player Lamar Odom, amidst the whispers of secret relationships and hidden flings. However, the tale took a dark turn, with sources close to the pair revealing a troubling side. It seemed his life was spiraling out of control, marked by heavy drinking and drug use, as reported in Mirror.

Jasmine, once captivated by his charm, found herself frightened, seeking refuge behind the locked door of the bathroom as chaos ensued outside. The once serene atmosphere was shattered, with broken glass scattered around, telling a silent tale of their tumultuous moments. The nature of their connection remained ambiguous - whether they moved in together, whether their relationship turned physical, all remain unanswered questions as of now.

Had A Fling With David Arquette

Jasmine Waltz has previously found herself entwined with actor David Arquette. David, in a candid confession, admitted to their brief romantic involvement, claiming a fleeting moment of intimacy that left him feeling empowered. He clarified his actions, insisting that his encounters with her did not signify infidelity to his ex-wife, Courtney Cox. 

DavidJasmine Waltz former fling David Arquette SOURCE: David Arquette Instagram @davidarquette

David openly shared that his and Cox's separation agreement allowed both of them the freedom to explore new relationships, respecting the terms they had set, as reported in Daily Mail. In his eyes, it was a chapter of their lives defined by mutual understanding.

Been Involved With A Few Men In The Past

Jasmine Waltz's love life has been a tapestry of relationships and encounters, each chapter marked by distinct moments in time. From her relationship with Jesse McCartney, which spanned from 2009 to 2010, to her brief involvement with Ryan Seacrest in 2009, her journey through love has been both varied and intriguing. 

In the same year, Waltz was romantically linked with Sean Stewart. The following year, in 2010, she found herself entangled with Calum Best, adding another notable chapter to her romantic history. Her encounters with Luisa Zissman and Vinny Guadagnino occurred in 2014, while she crossed paths with Shannon Leto. 

David Spade became a part of Waltz's story in 2011, along with Doug Reinhardt and Chris Pine, both in 2010. Her connection with Simon Rex further added to the mosaic of her love life. Each relationship and fleeting encounter carried its significance, leaving an indelible mark on her journey through the realms of romance.


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