Right At Harvey Weinstein Face David Arquette Recalls Getting Shady

David Arquette recall producer Harvey Weinstein ‘shady’ before he faced numerous sexual accusation including his sister Rosanna Arquette and actress Rose McGowan.


Scream Movie actor revealed on a social media live interview that he turned really annoyed with mogul at a film screening hosted Bootsy Bellows. Arquette felt “Harvey Weinstein had produced the Scream film but was blown off.”

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Arquette told, “he got all in his face one time because Weinstein didn’t know who he was.” He continued “that Weinstein was at my Hollywood club, the film Black Swan was screening and I got annoyed because I recall through whole time that he was shady.”

[ CAPTION: woman that have accused Harvey Weinstein ][ SOURCE: vanityfair ]

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Eventually pissed off Arquette questioned, “Do you know who I am?” This is a sort of a question that drives every celebrity crazy.  

Then Arquette added, “my partner in stress was like what are you doing?” After that Arquette ignored him and went towards the party. David said after the incident he fell into a pool.

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Courtney Cox's ex-husband Arquette mainly worked with Harvey’s brother Bob on the Scream movies. His sister who was assaulted in the 90s at a hotel room revealed her story in 2017.