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Who is Sommer Ray Currently Dating? Know all her Affairs and Relationships

January 29, 2018
First published on:August 1, 2017
by John

American fitness model Sommer Ray is the fitness idol for women. She is also known as an Instagram model with more than 17 million followers as of 2018. Being blessed with a sexy body and attractive face, Sommer is a dream girlfriend for all the men. But is the sexy model-youtube star and vine star, dating someone? She undoubtedly would be a lovely prize for any the lucky guy.

So, do you think that she has a boyfriend? Check out whether she is single or in a relationship right here in Hitberry.

Is Sommer Ray still Single?

She has a large number of fans following on her Instagram, mostly men. So it's a pretty bad news for you all as she has a boyfriend. Although the personal details on her beau are missing, we do have a picture of her lover right here; have a look:

Sommer Ray with her boyfriend [ CAPTION: Sommer Ray with her boyfriend ][ SOURCE:]

You might be thinking that you are far better than her boyfriend but it's a fact that Sommer is dating this guy who is 14 years older than her.

Sommer with her someone special [ CAPTION: Sommer with her someone special ][ SOURCE:]

The 20-year-old Sommer is dating a guy, who is 14 years older than her but when you truly love someone age doesn't even matter. It seems the same, as Sommer Ray is dating her boyfriend. We hope she will soon reveal all about her Ol'boy.

Before she was seen with the anonymous handsome man, Sommer was rumored to be dating Another youtube celebrity and game freak "Ricegum". So, were Sommar and Ricegum actually an item if yes, What happened and what tore them apart? Let's find it out right here:

Was Sommer Ray Dating RiceGum?

You might be asking yourself who RiceGum is? For your information, he is none other than the famous Vietnamese Youtuber Bryan Le who has more than 6.7 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Bryan le [ CAPTION: Bryan Le][ SOURCE: Instagram]

Being a model, was Sommer really in a relationship with Bryan? Actually, they never clarified if they were dating but it seems, it was just rumor. Although the pictures suggest many other things as well, to be honest.

RiceGum hanging out with Sommer Ray [ CAPTION: RiceGum hanging out with Sommer Ray ][ SOURCE: looklive]

The pair was seen together time and again, which might be the topic for the gossipers. But today we clarify, Ray is not linked with RiceGum romantically as admitted by Ray, they still remain friends, and we hope that she is happy with her new boyfriend.  So, Sommer Ray dating Rice Gum is nothing but a rumor.

Here is a video uploaded recently on 21'st July where Ray picked up a car along with Ricegum, which proves that they are still in good terms.

After knowing her love life, we know that you still want to explore more on Ray, so let's know about Sommer's body measurement in short right here. 

Is Sommer Ray dating Max Ehrich?

Sommer Ray and Max Ehrich started dating each other from August 2017. Max, 27 previous had a three-year relationship with Dunne. Sommer and Max seem to be strongly bonded with each other and don’t hesitate to share their relationship with the public.

The couple is not only in love with each other but also working together on few upcoming music video. Sommer along with Max will be appearing in the music video "Can’t Forget Her Now".   

[ CAPTION: Sommer Ray and Max Ehrich ][ SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight ]

We wish the couple very good luck for their bright future and strong relationship.

Sommer Ray's Measurement

Sommer Ray undoubtedly has a great body. She has an hourglass figure and her body measures 34-24-38 inches.

Sommer Ray [ CAPTION: Sommer Ray ][ SOURCE: igmodelnews]

Her dress size is an 8 and her shoe size is 7. Her big rare side and hips are likely to be called Pear-shape. With ya height of 5.6 feet, she looks average weight lady for that height.

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