21 Years Model Sommer Ray's Salary, Earning and Net Worth She Has Achieved From Her Profession

The girlfriend of Max Ehrich, Sommer Ray is an American fitness model and Social Media Personality who has gained million of IG followers and subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel and is assumed to be earning handsome salary. In fact, her professional career has earned her huge estimated net worth.


Being fitness model, Sommer has won millions of fans with her jaw-dropping beauty and hourglass figure. Being an internet celebrity and successful YouTuber, she has gained popularity on the web that has made her fans curious to know her earning, net worth and salary.

Sommer Ray Net Worth

Sommer Ray is born to body-builder father and fitness model mama Shannon Ray followed her parent’s footsteps and developed her career in modeling. Being active from her early teenage there is no doubt she has collected attractive net worth.

Ray herself has not revealed her actual earning while couple of gossip mongers stated her net worth to be around $1 million to $5 million. Though her net worth is not exactly known, we can assume from her popularity in social media, she is head over the heel rich. By June, 6, 2018 she has shared 595 post on her Instagram with her 18.4 million followers.

On Jan 26, 2017, Ray started her YouTube channel where she uploads video about fitness, outfits, cosmetic products and funny clips watched by her 1.2 million subscribers 41.33 million times. So now you must be pretty sure that her internet career has provided a lavish lifestyle.

Sommer Ray Lavish Lifestyle and Expensive Outfits

Well, Well, Well as we know Ray is a fitness model and she owns her own small personal fitness equipment on her house itself. In the pic, she flaunts her ample assets on sexy bikini where she is seen taking a selfie in her workout room and back there are worth thousands of dollar types of equipment.

She spends lot of her money in traveling and clothing’s as we can see that she tries to give her follower’s new pose in the new location in pretty alluring bikini outfit.


Whose excited for my fitness program coming out the beginning of April??

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Ray uses expensive and latest I phone to film her casual videos and photos for her excited viewers who want to watch her fitness clip. On May 1, 2018, she teamed up with wild fox to search for the ultimate beaches bod spending $20k on the line.


playing in paradise

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Besides, the hot chick wants play in paradise which is why she is ever ready to pay for supremely upscale vacation experience in Zenyara Estate.  

Being a fitness celebrity Sommer is also interested in cars. She owes $123k G Wagon which she appeared in one of her IG clip pretending to pull the car saying that it runs out of gas joking “Video might be fake, but the booty real.”

Ten Facts About Sommer Ray

1. Sommer Ray was born on September 15, 1996 and is 21 years old.
2. In June 2015, Sommer Ray posted a tribute to father of her body-builder father to her Instagram.
3. Sommer Ray’s net worth is somewhere between $1 million to $5 million.
4. Sommer Ray is dating Eduardo Isaiah Chacon.
5. Sommer Ray's YouTube follower as of today’s date June 6, 2018, is around 1.2 million.
6. Sommer Ray has appeared in several events including the Happy Death Day film premiere.
7. Sommer Ray Instagram follower as of today’s date June 6, 2018, is around 18.2 million.
8. Sommer Ray's siblings are Savana, Skylyn, and Bronson.
9. Sommer Ray's birth sign is Vigor.
10. She was raised in Colorado