Who is Olivia Thirlby? Is She Currently Single or Married? Know her Affairs and Relationship

American actress Olivia Thirlby is best known for roles as Leah in the comedy-drama film Juno released in 2007. She further appeared as Natalie in The Darkest Hour in 2011 and as Judge Cassandra Anderson in Dredd in 2012 loved Hollywood actors is one of the most. The beautiful actress Thirlby has won the heart of millions of people by her performance and graceful look.


Many people adore her. If you are her follower and if you want to know Oliva Thirlby's personal life, we have it all in today's issue! Is she single? Does Thirlby have anyone in her life? So to know the answer scroll down!

Is Olivia Thirlby Single? 

The beautiful diva Olivia Thirlby has made a successful career in early age as well as huge fan and followers. And they are eager to met and fall in love with her.

[ CAPTION: Olivia Thirlby ]
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Olivia Thirlby is still single. She seems to be focused on her career than in the relation. However, She might find a dream boy in her life in coming future. 

[ CAPTION: Olivia Thirlby ]
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Thirlby has been spotted choosing her engagement rings, According to American Sun-Times. Thought the name of her boyfriend or future hubby has not been revealed as she is be keeping her personal life a secret.

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Olivia Thirlby's relationships On screening 

But while looking at her onscreen romance she was very close to her co-star Ben Feldman. They both were very fabulous in the movie. The movie was directed by Rafael Palacio Illing worth.

[ CAPTION: Olivia Thirlby and Ben Feldman ]
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Olivia and Feldman played as a couple defied by the fear that settling down and getting married means their carefree days as city-dwelling young grown-ups coming to an abrupt and depressing end.

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Is Olivia Thirlby Bisexual Women? 

Olivia Thirlby has always preferred to stay true to herself and to the people who are around her.  She takes roles she believes in and encourages the causes that are close to her heart. 

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In an interview with the magazine called "Brooklyn Magazine", Thirlby admitted that she is bisexual.

[ CAPTION: Olivia Thirlby ]
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Despite being a popular face in showbiz, major public figure and spending a long time in the limelight relatively, she has always preferred to live a mysterious life.

[ CAPTION: Olivia Thirlby ]
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Though Olivia has not even closeted, this the first time she's talked about her bisexually publicly. She played Ellen Page's BBF in Juno and was initially set to star in the lesbian-themed werewolf film Jack and Diane with her before it took longer to become financed.

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Currently, she is performing in the new film, The Darkest Hour and has lent her voice to the MTV animated series Good Vibes.

[ CAPTION: Olivia Thirlby ]
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However, in coming future, the beautiful actress Olivia Thirlby might announce her life partner. So we hope for the positive and good future of her.