Five facts about Amanda Cerny

An American Social media personality, Amanda Cerny is best known as a YouTuber as well as Vine Star. So today let’s know some of the hidden facts which you might not know about Amanda Cerny.


Amanda is also famous for her comedy sketches with her co-social stars like Logan Paul, Juanpa Zurita, and King Back. So without any delay let’s get into the topic which deals some of the five facts about Amanda Cerny.

Five facts you need to know about Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny was born on 26 June 1991 in Pittsburgh, PA. By the age of 8, she lived in five different places and finally, her parents settled in Florida. She attended Florida State University and studied International Affairs.

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Amanda Cerny- Had a sexy date with Justin Bieber

On 20th July, Amanda posted a video of herself hanging out with the pop star Justin Bieber.  They had dinner downstairs before receiving groovy. Amanda and Justin were not alone; other Viners like King Bach, John Shahidi, and Lele Pons also joined them.

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Youtube: Amanda Cerny- Had a sexy date with Justin Bieber

However, Amanda’s and Justin’s sexy dinner date remained a question mark to their fans - Does Justin have a sexy new girl in his life? As now he is spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez. What do you think?

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Amanda Cerny- Past relationship

Although Amanda Cerny is currently single, previously she was involved in a number of relationships. In 2011, she was in a relationship with Dane Cook. They were spotted together in Hawaii and were caught having some fun, but Amanda refuses to have any love relationship with the comedian Dane Cook.

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[ CAPTION: Dane Cook with Amanda in Hawaiian ][ SOURCE: Boston Herald ]

In 2015, she was reportedly in a relationship with King Bach. They were even married for a year and were known as the hottest internet couple. But after some time, they had a breakup, but they still can be seen in some videos together.

[ CAPTION: King Bach and Amanda ][ SOURCE: ]

In 2016, Amanda dated Vlogger Logan Paul. Although they made many videos together and spend a lot of time with each other, their relationship did not last for long.

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Amanda Cerny- Has Solid Social Media Presence

Well with an extremely popular just in 6 secs in Vine video app, Amanda gained more than 439,000 followers on Twitter, 19.6 million followers on Instagram and 4.6 followers on Vine. She also has more than 2k subscribers to her YouTube Channel.

[ CAPTION: Amanda Cerny- Has Solid Social Media Presence ][ SOURCE: Eceleb-Gossip ]

Amanda Cerny- Playboy Miss

When she was at Florida State University, she decided to send her bikini modeling photos into Playboy on the advice of some friends in the year 2011. And with a short period of time, the magazine flew her out to Los Angeles for a photo shoot.

[ CAPTION: Amanda Cerny- Playboy’s Miss ][ SOURCE: ]

And soon enough she became Miss October 2011. Cerny said that she is a part of history now and it’s pretty crazy to understand that only 12 Playmates are being selected each year by Hugh Hefner himself. She thinks that it is like a big family, and automatically gives you remarkable network in Hollywood.

Youtube: Five facts you need to know about Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny- Involve in Charity

Since 2010, Amanda has done lots of charity works. It looks as if the charity is very important to her because she started promoting her charity in the country- The Play Foundation. She also posts about the charity on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in order to spread awareness.

[ CAPTION: Amanda Cerny- Involve in Charity ][ SOURCE: eCelebrityFacts ]

It looks as if involving in Charity, makes her happy, so she appeared at Forbes Under 30 Summit, and she introduced ChangUr- a foundation that raises money for children in need.