Who is Karina OMG? Details About her Net Worth And Earnings From YouTube

There is no denying that YouTube, a video-sharing platform blessed many with fame; and Candian YouTuber Karina OMG is one of them. Widely popular for streaming content of video games (especially Roblox and Minecraft), the teen YouTuber amassed a chunk of subscribers on her channel GamerGirl, in a span of 5-years.

Born Karina Calor, she indeed is a young influential figure and perhaps among the youngest Canadian millionaire, who didn't take long to seek the milestone. So, how much is the net worth of Karina OMG in 2021? All about her earnings, professional career & personal life are below.

Net Worth of Karina OMG In 2021- Earnings From YouTube

By her pre-teenage, Calor began vlogging- firstly, she started with toy tutorials and reviews before she stormed to wide exposure as a YouTube persona. The Canadian-born is currently 14 years old but her professionalism in YouTube is on par with other acclaimed veteran figures on the platform.

As of 2021, Karina OMG has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Probably, it may not seem but her proficiency and more than 5.85 million subscribers on her YouTube channel GamerGirl, does explain it all. Most of her earnings come from the channel exclusively for gaming videos which she created on April 24, 2016, and has 2.97 billion views in total.

According to a calculation from Social Blade, the YouTube star can earn $108.2K  -  $1.7 million per year from her GamerGirl channel, which breaks down in the range of $9K  -  $144.2K per month.

Canadian CAPTION: Canadian teen YouTuber KarinaOMG, whose real name is Karina Calor, has $3 million net worth in 2021 SOURCE: Instagram@kurzawa_karina

Moreover, with her younger brother Ronald, who is also a YouTuber of alias RonaldOMG, she co-runs a YouTube channel SIS vs BRO.

Well, the channel created on March 3, 2016, amasses 14.4 million and has a total of 6.654 billion views currently. It features challenges as well as funny videos, while also covering their daily lives. It reportedly earns them $70.4K  -  $1.1 million annually.

In addition to that, the 5 feet 2 inches tall social media sensation who also goes by the name Karina Kurzawa, has an eponymous YouTube channel. Launched on November 2, 2015, it has more than 1.44 million subscribers where she posts general lifestyle vlogs on fashion & make-up.

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Potential Income From Instagram Endorsements

No doubt with such a surge in fame, the young Canadian YouTuber sees an approach for many brands for the promotional deals. Yet, Karina OMG is to have any endorsements official. But, if she sings for sponsorship via her Instagram (@kurzawa_karina) with 685K followers, Calor can sum up to $2,048 - $3,413 per sponsored post.

Furthermore, earnings aid comes through her website sisvsbro.com from the merchandise sales; many printed t-shirts that cost around $15-a-piece.

Who Is Karina OMG? All About Her Personal Life!

Born on March 23, 2007, in Canada, Karina is the eldest of three children in a top-class family. Although not much about her parent are out, reportedly, they do have connections with top Canadian government authorities. Often her father and mother appear on her YouTube videos.

Karina CAPTION: Karina OMG with her mother; made an Instagram post while wishing her mom on birthday in October 2020 SOURCE: Instagram@kurzawa_karina

The Canadian internet personality has a younger brother Ronald, a YouTuber famous as RonaldOMG with 4.15 million subscribers on his channel. She also has a younger sister named Aria.

Fond of vlogging from an early age, Kurzawa's YouTube journey began in the mid-2010s with the channel  FUNwithKARINA (now Karina Kurzawa). Initially, she posted toy tutorials and reviews, before the transition to gaming streams as well as lifestyle videos.

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Here is the list of her other most-watched videos as of September 2021 along with the YouTube channel:

Video Title Date YouTube Channel Views
OLDER SIBLING vs. YOUNGER SIBLING February 4, 2018 SIS vs BRO 105 million
Don't Choose the Wrong Soap Slime Challenge!!! November 10, 2018 SIS vs BRO 97.6 million
GETTING CAUGHT IN A TORNADO WITH RONALD!!! August 24, 2019 GamerGirl 58.68 million
Going to Prison in an OBBY! Escape the Prison + Rob The Bank OBBY February 6, 2017 GamerGirl 53.15 million
How to make Nebula Galaxy Bottle July 11, 2016 Karina Kurzawa 5.7 million

As for query on her love life, Karina OMG who is still in her early teens is not dating. Currently, she lives with her parents & siblings in Canada.

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