Skinny Youtuber Eugenia Cooney net worth: Tour her house with her. Know her income source

Eugenia Cooney is a YouTuber; and with videos that she uploaded on YouTube, she has been gaining lotta followers from all around the world. Also, her net worth is rising up like crazy. And, to let you people know, she started her channel in June 2011.

Though it’s just the starting, I wish her all the best. Also, I am gonna take you on a tour to her house and tell you guys about her income source, alongside every details that you would wanna know. So, stay put and make sure to read all things.

YouTuber Eugenia’s Net Worth

Okay, so.. I am pretty sure you guys have checked her videos out, and you must have seen her house, right? What do you think of it? Well, I think it’s obvious that she has been earning a lot from her profession as a ‘YouTuber’. And according to, Eugenia's net worth is around $200,000. Furthermore, she gets more than 500,000 views on every video that she uploads. I wonder how much money she gets every week. 

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Also, states that the base sum paid by YouTube is $0.00047 per each view. Furthermore, to tell you people, there are a few recordings of his where the views crossed more than 5 million. Now, i am sure that you know what I’m trynna get at. 


Eugenia’s Income Source

Her income source would be her amazing videos that she makes. And with that, she is pretty much gaining lotta followers from all around the world. Her popular uploads would be ‘My Mom Turns Me Preppy’, ‘My FAVORITE SUMMER TOPS’, ‘ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE FOR ALS’, etcetera. So, I think these videos got her a huge amount of money. 

Eugenia dressing up like one in the 'Pretty Little Liars'.

Eugenia dressing up like one in the 'Pretty Little Liars'.

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Eugenia’s Car

I found this video on YouTube where she shows her car, it’s a classic one. Like I said earlier, her career as a YouTuber has just begun and she has a long way to go. Maybe, in the future, we might see her along with tons of super cars. 

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Eugenia’s Room Tour

Eugenia’s room is all pink and she possesses all sorts of expensive stuffs like ‘Jack Blanket’, ‘Jack Pillow’, etc. And her lamp, it’s super cool; it looks pretty expensive to me, ya know. Furthermore, she has so many clothes that it doesn’t even fit in her closet. And it appears as though she is more into gothic and stuffs; so, most of her things reflect darkness. 

Eugenia's Closet

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Here is the full video if you wanna see it.