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Know Chris Stirewalt's personal life and dating rumors with Dana Perino

July 6, 2017
First published on:July 6, 2017
by HitBerry

While talking about the journalists,  Fox News Channel's journalists are always listed at the top. Anyone linked with Fox News Channel is openly talked in the media and stays on the headlines for numerous times.

Today, we do have Chris Stirewalt from the Fox News Channel. We will let you know about Stirewalt. Find out the current relation of Stirewalt. Check out his net worth and sources of income right below…

Who is Chris Stirewalt?

The real name of Chris Stirewalt is Christopher W. Stirewalt. He was born in 1975, in Wheeling, West Virginia, United States of America. Stirewalt is a professional host, news reporter, editor and highly talented personality.

He hit the spotlight after working as a political editor for "The Washington Examiner". Now, at the moment, he is busy building up his career at the Fox News Channel as a digital political editor. He first started his career working at the Wheeling Intelligencer in West Virginia.

Chris Stirewalt Chris Stirewalt   Source: foxnews

Is Chris Stirewalt married?

Even though Chris Stirewalt is associated with Fox News Channel and constantly followed, he managed to keep all of his personal stuff away from the camera. Till the date, there is no any news regarding his marital life described ever in the media.

Chris Stirewalt Chris Stirewalt   Source: foxnews

Chris Stirewalt is not married till the date. On another side, there is no any link up of Stirewalt ever broadcasted in the media. He might be happily married and thus is not involved in any affairs. It's really a tough job for us to trace her personal information.

Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino

As there was no any news regarding the dating life and marital life of Chris Stirewalt, people assumed that he might be seeing Dana Perino. They worked together to host New Sunday Show on Fox News Channel. As per sources, they shared a good bond that made people compel think about their relationship. But later, they confirmed about being just a show partner.

Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino  Source: media2

In another side, Dana Perino is already married to Peter McMahon in 1998. At the moment, it's been nearly two decades that the couple is sharing a healthy marital bond. Soon the rumors of their dating vanished into thin air.

Chris Stirewalt's Net Worth

As we previously mentioned that Stirewalt is too secretive regarding his personal life, he has not even disclosed any information regarding his net worth. However, as per some sites, Stirewalt earned around $4 million throughout his career. He earned over and around $63, 424 per year from Fox News Channel.

Chris Stirewalt Chris Stirewalt  Source: kramerontheright

Speaking about his sources of income, he collected a huge amount through working for several magazines, multiple websites and for the web magazine. Ads and sponsorship also helped him to build up such a huge net worth. As he worked as a political editor at Washington Examiner, he collected pretty huge amount there.