Who is Chase Landry? Is he still Single or Married? Know his Affairs and Relationship

Michael SmithPublished on   08 Jan, 2018Updated on   04 May, 2021

As reality television is a staple of today’s entertainment industry, Chase Landry a well-known TV actor seems to maintain a low-key personal life.


As all of us are quite familiar with Chase Landry's professional life, his personal life is most talked about. Here we have gathered all the information regarding his relationship and affairs. Is he single or dating? To know about this keep scrolling:

Who is Chase Landry?

Chare Landry is a reality star famous for his appearance alongside the rest of his family in the History channel series Swamp People, which shows alligator hunters in Louisiana.

Chase's father is fellow Swamp People star Troy Landry and mother is Bernita and he has two brothers; Brandon and Jacob. He has a daughter named Riley with his wife. 

He is often seen in live television scene with alligator hunters RJ and Jay Paul Molinere on Swamp People. Chase loves inking his body and has many tattoos on different parts of his body. Moreover, he loves to share his fitness and tattoos. Let'shave a look at his tattoos.

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Is Chase Landry currently dating?

The American reality star Chase Landry has kept his personal life under the wraps and did not reveal much about his current relationship as well as past affairs.

Well, Chase Landry did not reveal his married life and wife but shares the information of being blessed with a daughter Riley Blake on 18th March 2017.

Also the grandfather of little Riley, Tory Landry has shared the happiness of welcoming his son's first child on his Facebook account. Moreover, he has also shared family pictures with little Riley.

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So, it is still very confusing for his fans to know whether he is married or still single. But till the date, there is no any information regarding his wedding ceremony or any dating life.

Chase Landry trouble with the law

It is no surprise that a man who hunts alligators all day would have some excitement and danger in his life. It is said that Landry, unfortunately, excitement went too far and ended up landing him in trouble.

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In 2016, Landry was imprisoned for shooting a gun at a shrimping yacht. Apparently, the boat was speeding without any signs of slowing.

Fearing that his own boat would be sunk while he was hunting at the time and Landry fired his gun at the boat. Although nobody was hurt on that incident, the boat was damaged.

Just as one would expect, Landry loves excitement and danger. Many people might not know how much important is the role of the family in his life. Not only Landry is famous for his career, but also for his relationship status. Till date, Chase Landry has kept his wife far from the media.