Vanderpump Rules: Jax’s Reaction On Brittany Pregnancy Test

Oh my god! While in Vegas Brittany Cartwright scare the hell out of other girls saying that she needs a pregnancy test, and Jax’s reaction was watchable.


Brittany Cartwright told the girls, she seriously had to undergo a pregnancy test in Vegas, and everybody was shocked.

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This may sound unbelievable, but in Vanderpump Rules episode 5, Brittany & Jax Taylor revealed they don’t consider birth control.  After active sex, Brittany thought that she got pregnant when she became sick for few days.

Shay and other assumed that it was the altitude or she drank too much before she revealed that she had to take a pregnancy test in Vegas trip.

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Katie & Ariana were very supportive but when Cartwright moved to the bathroom with a pregnancy testing stick their eyes were wide open in disbelief. After few minutes, she came out with the stick and showed them but not the viewers.

She kept the result secret until they met Jax and Toms in the casino. Britney pulled Jax in the corner to tell him about the earlier pregnancy test. Jax freaked out when she said nothing at all. When he finally saw the pregnancy testing kit he started breathing normal and laugh. Everyone along with him started to laugh seeing his reaction.