Model turned Reality Star Jax Taylor opens up about Vanderpump Rules' new season and Gay Rumors

July 2, 2015
First Published On: July 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor, teased us with the shows new season on his Twitter account on 28th May this year. He tweeted that the fourth season of the show was gonna be full of drama. He also noted the fact that the fourth installment of the show had seen much conflict in merely a week of filming. Lisa Vanderpump, the executive producer of the show tweeted that the very first day of shoot was ‘pretty challenging’. 

Unfortunately, Stassi Schroeder isn’t gonna be a part of the TV drama anymore. At the end of season 2, she left her job at the SUR and went on to live her boyfriend in New York. Though she did return for season 4, she realized that she had very little role to play. She wasn’t part of SUR anymore and wasn’t even friends with most of the crew members. So, she voluntarily left the show. Or so she claims.

“The decision to leave the show was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, and it’s been something that I have deliberated over for two entire years now. I was so proud of myself when I actually came to a point in my life where I felt confident enough, not just as a woman, but as a person, to be able to say that I’m going to walk away from a lot of financial security. I’m going to walk away from fame. I’m going to walk away from opportunities to do other things, all because I don’t want to be in a situation that doesn’t make me happy,” was what she had to say about her departure.

Jax’s Instagram pictures showed him and his mother celebrating her 60th birthday at SUR. He tweeted a lot about his mother’s visit. He introduced her to Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. Mommy Taylor was even gifted a beautiful necklace by her little boy Jax, who has a net worth of $150K from Kyle Richard’s store.

In the beginning of this year, there were rumors of the hot ‘womanizer’ being gay. Taylor, age 36, was forced to confront the rumors in episode of the series. The news reached new heights when his fans found a photo of him and another model tagged ‘boyfriends’. In an interview with RadarOnline, De Paul clarified that the pictures were taken just or the sake of a photo shoot and there was nothing going on between the two.

In a tweet, Jax revealed what he is looking for in his women. His tweet read:

All I want is someone to go to @Applebees with in life that's not asking much.


To this, Apple Bee’s replied on its official page: @mrjaxtaylor That's not asking much at all Jax!!! ~ARH

According to reports from this may, Taylor is dating Brittany Cartwright. And Jax and his girlfriend seem to be having a great time together!!