Jax Taylor Nearly Died Of Drowning On Vanderpump Rules

February 27, 2018
First Published On: February 27, 2018

Jax Taylor nearly died of drowning on Vanderpump Rules. He is really lucky that he survive such worse moment.


Jax Taylor undergoes lot, in reality, show Vanderpumps Rules, first nose job, then cheating scandals followed by airport arrest, now drowning that nearly cost his life.

Taylor cheated the death after he was rescued by the lifeguard and his friend Rob Valletta.  

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It started as a normal morning. Everybody was just ready to start the day except Taylor, Rob and Rob’s girlfriend Schena Shay planning a day on water boating.

Then, Jax, you know Rob what’s going on my mind, “I will swim to that buoy and back.”

Rob tells him ‘don’t rush’ but Jax ignoring his reply it’s just that buoy. Rob warns “Just take your time. Like if you start to rush it, you’ll just die.”


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When Jax jumps into the water he cannot make further than 100 yards and got nearly got drowned.

“I’m gonna die, and I’m having, like, flashbacks in my head, thinking of all the people that I’m never gonna see ever again all the dumb s**** that I did” Jax revealed.

When the bad time passed Jax was able to make humor and everybody around burst into the laugh. He made fun out of himself saying, I am a grown man who almost died of drowning nearly hundred yards.