Tyron Woodley Seems more psyched on Colby Covington's win over RDA, Can this Be a Money Fight He Awaits?

June 10, 2018

Saturday night at the Co-main event of UFC 225 in Chicago, Colby Covington received the same reaction he is used to getting, he was "Booed" after making controversial comments about Chicago as well as not backing up on his comments on Brazil. Though everyone in the game expected Brazilian MMA fighter Rafael dos Anjos to beat some Colby A**, the proven UFC Villen outworked RDA and won the Interim belt.


The regular title holder Tyron Woodley, who is recently overcoming his shoulder injury had already called the Interim belt as Boohoo belt, as he has proven to be an active champion time and again. So, both American Top Team fighters are going to go at each other in the next welterweight bout. It's a great opportunity for both men to earn respect and cash a huge amount from Colby's hated image.

As post-McGregor era has been the era of trash talk and Covington is surely in the scene headlining every news for many reasons, like spoiling Wars, calling critics "Virgins and Pu**ies" but whatever he has done has speed forwarded his camp at the title shot. So, if he unites the Welterweight belt, Colby will not be any villain, he will be UFC WW player's nightmare.


So, what's Woodley's take on this? Well, if you fight a super villain you get to be a superhero and it's more fun if your opponent is one of the bigger draws. So, if there is no Nate, Conor, or GSP fight on the card, Colby can be a best option to establish Woodley's dominance and win him all the fans that hate Covington.

Colby (middle name Chaos) lives up to his ring name, and never fails to disappoint his opponents as well as media. Talking about other fighters, supremely racist comments, comments of someone's nation, or even at states is what he does the best. Previously we also compared Colby to be a future draw for his total crass humor, racially insensitive comments but he solidified the claims more by showing an antagonistic support of President Donald Trump.

Dos Anjos as per stats was more liked fighter and Covington was an underdog and many fans wanted RDA to shut Colby after his unfortunate remarks about  Brazil, but Colby proved to be a better man today.

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So, this has come down between Woodley and Covington to solve it and see who gets to be the better man. Asked BY FS1, Colby showed an interest in fighting in the NewYork so it looks like Woodly and Colby may get the NY card where current champ Tyron would have an opportunity to shut Colby up for good. Woodley, according to many fight analysts has been an unlucky champ even after proving himself against fighters like Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit, Stephen Thompson and Demian Maia, he still has an unapproved point in front of fans.

 But the current Interim WW champion, who claims to be the real American Steels, twisted sex apeal has something else to say, let's take a look at the tweet, where he sais, Let's make the Division great again:

It was up-until 2017, in 2018, we saw a changed Woodley. We found him doing Standup Comedy, along with Hollywood Beatdown in TMZ and even gifted his mother a beautiful home which shows a lot of positivity in Woodley but how will his fans react on his return to the Octagon is still a question. Among all of this, we can assure one thing, If Tyron Woodley can get a win over Colby Covington, he is surely getting a hell lot of fans.