Tyron Woodley Into Therapy after surgery, What are his plans for 2018?

January 11, 2018
First Published On: January 11, 2018

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is not an unknown name in the field of MMA as he is the current welterweight champion in UFC but we have always seen Woodley bragging about racism and different other stuff but this new year he revealed a softer side of himself.

He looks more optimistic man after the surgery, despite having a good share of lovers and haters Woodley this winter surely has gained one most important thing and it's his Mama's love.

After surgery, he uploaded some snap-chat and actually uploaded some funny videos using social media filters and in an interview to TMZ, he said that his family had to snatch his phone away from the champion.

So, If you are wondering what exactly did he do lately? Here are a few videos compiled from his social account which will get you to laugh, and can even get you Emotional.

Starting from Anesthesia-High posts, threatening all Welterweight players with the massage of his return to the octagon in early quarters of 2018, to ending the series with a beautiful house gifted to his mother Tyron Woodley made a lot of impacts this new year.

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Tyron is looking for a big payday fight and the UFC is willing enough to provide him with the one. Its also rumored that Woodley may fight the Bad BOY Nate Diaz and on the other hand, RDA or Colby Covington may also get the shot to the title in early quarters this year.

He is seen posting pictures in Instagram undergoing through the physiotherapy process and has confirmed that he will make his return in the first quarter this year. For more fun news from your favorite sports, stay with the HITBERRY team.