Colby Covington may have earned a huge number of haters which will positively affect his Pay-per-view

Colby Covington literally loves creating chaos and it's not that he pretends or tries hard to do it! It's just who he is, so it's pretty damn easy for him. No one can deny his fighting abilities and his five-fight winning stake! But seems like he has the formula to piss the whole world off! Let's recall all his actions and discuss it's worth in terms of money.


People call it The Floyd Mayweather formula, Boxing superstar, and promoter Floyd Mayweather earns a huge sum and it's not entirely from his fans, a good share comes from his haters! Likewise, Colby (Chaos) Covington may have adopted the same formula. He might earn big time if he fights anyone anytime. Let's see some of his tweets that shook all MMA communities.

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He has a good chunk of haters in Brazil after he took his RDA tweet way too far, have a look



And if in any case, he fights former LW champion Rafael dos Anjos in Brazil, it will be a huge event as all Brazil wants to see him loose

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So that means he should have a huge fan base in his home country, right?

Well, he calls his haters Virgin P***Y, keep on calling people who criticise you things like that and you lose your fans too! Last time he outed the Star Wars story to his Twitter fans to receive a healthy amount of hate comments from his followers. Straight up spoiling a movie may have disappointed many movie lovers but can possibelly have a positive impact on his pay-per-view, believe it or not, Starwars fans want to see him get beat up! Great for the sports.

He again started another hashtag called the Nerd Bash! This was especially for RDA and Tyron Woodley who he jokingly calls Tranquil Woodley, so all RDA and Woodley fans too want to see his A** whooped!  Great work, but is that the only way to have a good turkey on your table?

Again who are we to judge? But Colby definitely has given a good reason for all fans to at least buy his matches.