Top 5 Technology Used in Today's Business

February 11, 2018
First Published On: February 11, 2018

Not a decade ago, who knew a mobile could be smart enough that could also act as our wallet and we can pay through our computers and transfer money with the click of our finger. People often assume that traditional companies are slowly becoming extinct and it is indeed becoming true as it is evident that smaller companies are leveraging and becoming popular after adopting the latest technology into their businesses.


With the continuous innovation of technology and people getting hooked on them, businesses are also trying to implement the latest technologies in their day to day operations or transactions. Here we present you the top 5 new wireless technologies that business should employ if they want their business to bloom.

Cloud Computing

 A few years ago, when cloud computing was just introduced, it was kind of ghost to them. They did not know how it operated and were dubious. Today there are barely any fields that are untouched by cloud computing.

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With cloud computing, networking has reached a whole new level. Now there are a number of companies who are offering services related to cloud computing, and according to experts, the number is likely to increase in the coming years.


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With the help of cloud computing, now companies can communicate and interact with their consumers or customers in real-time. It helps business avoid data losses through system crashes and also help them with network downtime.

According to a source, 51% of law firms are using cloud technology. Similarly, the software can be upgraded by upgrading a single instance of an application. Cloud computing has helped several persons to collaborate and work in real time on projects simultaneously.

AR and VR

You have definitely played or heard of Pokemon Go gone viral in just a few days of its release. More than 100 million people downloaded the game, and that explained how people went crazy for that.

Now Augmented and Virtual Reality is no longer limited to the gaming industry only. There is much more potential for AR and VR technology in other business sectors other than the gaming app development.

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According to researchers, this will be the year that Augmented Reality goes mainstream. Thanks to the affordable HUD(Heads Up Displays), a gear similar to visors or windshields that fighter pilots use to monitor, it will transform how we work, shop, and play.

One study says that Virtual Reality will be used in shopping store and increase the in-store experiences to compete with online sites. The mannequins will be displayed but tailored according to every consumer or say, viewers. Also, the sellers will also use Augmented Reality to display videos when you view a particular product on the shelf. 

Visible Light Communication

Light Fidelity (LiFi) uses Visible Light Communication Technology and is expected to replace the existing Wi-fi connection completely shortly. This technology receives light signals using a photo-detector and a signal processing to convert data into stream-able content.

With the help of signal processing technology, data is fed into an LED light bulb, and it then sends data integrated into its beam at a rapid speed to the photo-detector. Unlike wifi, LiFi employs LEDs which operate under high-frequency voltage and uses light rays instead of radio waves.

Youtube: How LiFi works

Hence it can be used in airplanes, medical centers and anywhere. These factors and the fact that LiFi ultimately cuts down energy compared to the existing wifi technology and its 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, LiFi is definitely the next big thing you should consider if you want your business to grow. 

Blockchain Technology

You obviously have heard of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Decred. You know why these have become popular. It's because these all are based on the Blockchain Technology.

It first caught the attention of the financial institutions because of the fact that it acts as a public distributed ledger. It actually helps in generating tamper-proof records or transactions. Many major financial organizations and banks have started using this technology, and they have even made great improvements and are earning millions already.

Not only for financial institutions but blockchain technology provides endless possibilities starting from a small-scale business to large scale ones. As a matter of fact, study shows that blockchain could transform every process and services. Yet another benefit you can have in term of transferring money is no need for the middleman, thereby saving a lot of money, unlike the usual money transfers.

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It employs decentralized but distributed network. Also, it also allows you to register any transaction publicly or in the blockchain so that it could not get tampered with at a later date or anytime in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Before few years, Artificial Intelligence was limited to movies only, but it has turned into a reality. You must have already tried Google Assistant and Apple's Siri and although Siri is not so accurate like Google's it's amazing what technology can do. 

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Tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsft, and Amazon are already implementing artificial intelligence as well as machine learning in their business already. Companies are already taking the lead in vehicle automation.

As already mentioned before these are also not restricted to software companies only. AI and Machine learning can be quite useful in every sector. However e-commercial platforms like Amazon are showing more interest in these fields.

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Research shows that they can be quite handy with your business too from creating user-specific solutions to increase your business productivity. Chanty is an example. It is a messaging application which can store an unlimited history of messages and facilitates an advanced search system built on the concept of AI.

So are you ready to upgrade your business to the next generation level?