Let's review iOS 11.3 and explore its best features

January 31, 2018
First Published On: January 28, 2018
by Frank Fancher

With iOS 11.3, all Animogies got cuter, airplay and VR got smarter and now you can delete your i-messages right after you read, here is everything you need to know about the new updated in the IOS.

iOS 11.3 operating system for Apple's iPhone and iPad is launching this spring. With cute Animoji or i-books updates, you may find a lot of new and exciting features in iOS 11.3. So, lets find some more reasons to toss your old iPhone OS out.

Monitor your battery's life

It's not about the battery backup, but it's about the lifespan of your battery; after you update your OS with iOS 11.3 you can monitor your battery life and whenever the battery needs a swap, it will give you the notification to do so. Cool, isn't it? Now you have a software that monitors your hardware.

More Animoji Fun 

If you enjoy using emojis a lot then here is some good news for all the Apple smartphone users. You now have some fun Animojy and they are super cute. The animated version floating filters that you control with your face is now super fun as they are now more cute with the new iOS 11.3. 

Some of the completely new filters are available with the iOS 11.3. If you like to look cute while sending i-message videos then you might like a cute bear or a cute lion and if cute is not your thing then a skull and a dragon are added to the old list.

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iOS 11.3 introduces new ARKit 1.5

Before ARKit could only be used on the horizontal surface. It was cool app already but the ARKit came with a limitation you as the virtual object could be tested on horizontal walls but now as per Apple the app can recognize the irregular shapes as well. It's super great news for all iPhone users to upgrade their iOS.

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AirPlay 2 multiple input-output via Air-play

Previously, you may never have heard about this feature on Airplay but yes if you have different players in different parts of your residence you can play different songs in all different outputs. 

So, if your sister likes pop, and your dad likes blues then you can play your rock and your dad's blues from a single phone.

Delete your i-messages from any device and its gone from all peripherals

Yes, friends, you heard it right; now on, you don't need to delete your messages from all the devices using your Apple ID. Once you deleter it from your phone or an iPad its gone from all the peripherals.

What is it's Limitation?

It can be updated from iPhone five S to other higher versions only.