'Storage War' Actress Brandi Passante Receives a Satisfying Salary From Her Profession; Maintains a Good Net Worth

The American reality TV star, Brandi Passante who is happily married with his longtime partner-turned-husband, Jarrod Schulz has a collected the net worth of more than million dollars.

The 38 years TV personality who is going on smooth in her personal life also has the same faith in her professional life. Well, if you want to know all about her professional life as well as earning, then scroll down. We will disclose her total net worth, salary, the source of income, career, achievement and so on.

Brandi Passante's Net Worth

The American reality TV star, Brandi Passante is supposed to hold $2 million while her husband, Jarrod Schulz also has around $2million. So, the combined net worth of the Jarrod and Brandi have a total of $4 million. Both of them has made all of this worth from appearances in the TV as well as from their business.

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CAPTION: Brandi Passante SOURCE: TheBuzzTube

While talking about the salary, Brandi used to receive $15,000 per episodes of Storages Wars in 2012. Later on the second season of Storage Wars, they made it to around $37,000. Beside her income from the TV appearance, she also runs the second-hand store with her husband, Jarrod. And the couple earns a good amount from their business as well.

Brandi Passante's Lifestyle

We all know that the each and person have a different choice of living their life. Brandi Passante is one of those who loves to rear pets, especially dogs, she has different dog breeds in her house. One of her dogs is of Cairn Terrier breed. And the price of this dog is above $1000. While her another dog is of a Bulldog breed. And the minimum price of a bulldog is around $1,500.

CAPTION: Brandi Passante's pet SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Brandi Passante's pet SOURCE: Instagram

Even after being a  lady, she doesn't like to apply a heavy makeover but it doesn't mean she is not stylish. She can be seen wearing different expensive outfits of different brands. As she is also the mother of two, she loves to spend most of her off time going to different places with her family.

CAPTION: Brandi Passante with her husband, Jarrod Schulz SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Brandi Passante with her husband, Jarrod Schulz and chi SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Brandi Passante with her husband, Jarrod Schulz and chi SOURCE: Instagram

So seeing all these it won't be wrong to say that she is living her life in a lavish way.

Ten Facts of Brandi Passante

1. Brandi Passante was born in Harris County, Texas on May 16, 1980.
2. Brandi Passante is married to her longtime partner, Jarod  Schulz. 
3. Brandi Passante is the mother of two children: daughter, Payton Schulz, and son, Cameron Schulz.
4. In 2012, Brandi Passante cased a Stalker Porn Lawsuit, which granted her just $750.
5. Brandi Passante loves cooking a different variety.
6. Brandi Passante doesn't prefer to apply lipstick as she doesn't like it.
7. Brandi Passante hates Golf.
8. Brandi Passante has a fear of escalators so she never uses them. 
9. Brandi Passante belongs to white ethnicity. 
10. Brandi Passante body measurement is 41-27-39.