Singer Darius Rucker Estimated Net Worth is $14 Million, Find out his Soureces of Income

April 20, 2018
First Published On: April 20, 2018
by roshan

The American singer and songwriter, Darius Rucker, who came to fame as the lead vocalist of Hootie & the Blowfish, has added a lot to his total net worth through his long years of professional career. 


Today, we are going to discuss the professional life of the singer Darius. We'll talk about the total earnings he summed up in his whole years of singing and song-writing. Also, we will talk about his house. Let's jump right in to know about the singer's earnings who had a VW Rabbit as his first car!

Darius Rucker's Total Net Worth 

The American musician, Darius Rucker has an estimated total net worth of around $14 million. The singer started his career in 1986 so in more than 30 years of his career, he has been able to gain much more success and also add to his total worth. 

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CAPTION: Darius Rucker
SOURCE: Instagram

His career climbed up high when he started out with his own rock band called the Hootie & the Blowfish in 1986. After that, he has given us more than 6 top 40 hits on the Billboard. 

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CAPTION: Darius Rucker's group Hootie and the blowfish SOURCE: Huffington Post

In 2008, Darius had a sales of $1,300,000 from his album Learn to Live. Later, in 2010, he earned $575,400 from his album True Believers and $500,000 from Charleston, SC 1996. Similarly, in 2014, he earned $151,000 and in 2015, $199,000 from Home for the Holidays and Southern Style respectively. 

YouTube: Darius Rucker's Learn to Live

Rucker also earns from his tours as in 2015, he went to his Southern Style Tour which began on May 14, in Holmdel, New Jersey. The tour earned a total of $14 million at the box office. He has also toured in other shows such as Good for a Good Time in 2016, Summer Plays on Tour in 2018, and H20 II: Wetter and Wilder Tour in 2012. 

Darius Rucker's House

The musician Darius Rucker has a house in Charleston. The house was designed by the interior designer, Angie Hranowsky. Darius Rucker lives there with his wife and three children. The idea of interior design was discussed by Beth, Rucker's wife, with Angie. 

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CAPTION: Darius Rucker's full family photo
SOURCE: My Domaine

All of the walls are painted white with a grand entry space. Besides the stairs is an Emilio Rock Center Table costing $3285. As you enter, you will see a table with books and a Buddha Statue. Just above of it is a Layla Grayce Pipa Bowl Chandelier costing around $3250. As the house has white colors, it has allowed the designer to add more color to the room with beautiful artwork and furniture. 

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CAPTION: Darius Rucker's house: Living Room artworks
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The living room has a Buddha portrait just above the fireplace done by a local artist Molly B. Right. The portrait is all done out of old bottle caps. Since Beth is a book lover, she has put bookshelves in every corner of their house. The house is full of artworks and unique furniture. 

CAPTION: Darius Rucker's house: Living Room
SOURCE: My Domaine

In their dining room, they have a Set of Six Milo Baughman Dining Chairs costing around $7200. Also, a Modern Brass Chandelier costing $750. The outdoors has a Milo Teak Coffee Table costing $1395 and a lot of textures for sophistication. Let's not forget about the outdoor swimming pool. 

CAPTION: Darius Rucker's house: Outdoor View
SOURCE: My Domaine

All in all, this seems like a pretty high standard, doesn't it? Well, Darius Rucker is currently having a great time with his family as he has earned enough for him to lay back and relax.