TV Host Liz Claman, age 51, expecting a raise in her salary??

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Liz Claman has been an anchor for the most part of her life. Her anchor skills, compared to her colleagues, are supposed to be of a higher note. Even though she has been deemed to be one of the finest presenters for FOX, she still is subject to unfair wages and discriminatory salary. This has been going on for a long time but the network is finally about to raise her pay as she considers the difference in the wages between her and her colleagues to be unjust and unethical.

Liz Claman, along with many other female supporters ranging from various industries, has been fighting for their rights for equal wages with men. Claman, after a long and hard battle with the network’s executive board, has finally managed to secure a raise and a new multi- year deal with FOX.

Claman after getting her notice for her new deal and raise, issued a statement where she thanked the network for being considerate and just and also for accepting women as equal employees to their male counterparts.

Liz has had a fairly successful career at Fox as an anchor. She was picked up by the network after her skill set gained wide spread attention. She has been known to conduct interesting interviews .So far in her career, she has been able to interview major world personalities like Warren Buffet and is also known as the go-to journalist for any of Warren Buffet’s sit downs.

Other than interviewing the most sort after man in the worlds prime stock exchange market, she has also interviewed other big names which include former Intel CEO Paul Otellini, former Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt . She has interviewed almost all of the top twenty most influential people in the world.

Apart from her high profile professional life Liz’s personal life has remained rather uninteresting most of her life. Calman is married to her high school sweet heart and long time boyfriend Jeff Kepnes who is an executive producer for CNN. The couples have two children from their marriage. They currently live in New Jersey, New York.

Liz is an avid athlete and her favorite field is long distance running.  Although she suffers from a medical condition which makes it extremely difficult for her to run, she has overcome it by proper care and medication. Liz is known to compete in Marathons and Triathlons along with being a semi-pro skier.

She mainly competes in various marathons, triathlons and ski events to raise money for charitable organizations and has reportedly raised over 150 thousand dollars so far in a short span of time. She is also known to support and campaigns for Iraqi war veterans, especially those who are disabled and raise money for them for sustainable living.

Liz is currently the hosts of FOX business is now concentrating on the US stock market “Before the Bell”.  Liz is 51 years of age and will be celebrating her 52nd birthday this December 12th. Liz is also fairly popular on social networking platforms like Twitter with over 45K followers and can be followed under the username @LizClaman.