Sean Hannity criticizing Michelle Obama Says Kimmel It’s Wrong To Mock First Lady Melania Trump Accent

arjunPublished on   10 Apr, 2018Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

Fox TV host Sean Hannity first criticized Michelle Obama and says late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel it’s wrong to mock first lady Melania Trump accent. He also said that the apology was more directed to LGBT community than Melania Trump.


After all, Apologies is Apology!

 The incident first began on Mondy night when late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel joked about Melania Trump accent while she read a story to the kids on the Easter egg roll. But when the twitter feud took the ugliest turn it even involved their daughter and the conversation was nasty to read.

Finally, when it went uglier Kimmel ended the twitter fight apologizing Sean Hannity respect towards First Lady. Though, he did excuse the ABC host at the moment, said he will talk about the matter in his TV show in detail.

After, completing the news section Sean Hannity dragged the Kimmel sorry part criticizing Michelle Obama playing her earlier video “I am really proud of my country.”

“Michelle Obama statement is somehow similar to what Jimmy Kimmel said about Melanie Trump” the fox news host added.

After mocking former first lady for more minutes he jumped on Baraka Obama presidency and ended it “I am Done with Kimmel, Bang his hand, I accept your sorry.”

Moreover, he was not totally satisfied with the excuse statement because after reading carefully he called it “forced Disney Corporate apology” that is more dedicated to LGBT community than First Lady.

He also warned Kimmel if he starts up again he promises to punch back even harder.