Jimmy Kimmel Despicable Jokes About Melania Trump, President Trump And Kellyanne Conway

Jimmy Kimmel in his late-night show discussed the White House Easter Event where he was all over Melania Trump, President Trump, and Kellyanna Conway dropping despicable jokes.


Jimmy Kimmel’s attacked the White House members First Lady Melania Trump, President Trump and Kellyanne Conway with intolerable comedy talks. In fact, it was a huge insult in the face of Trump family. Looks like Jimmy Kimmel enjoyed his Easter Egg Roll slamming White House.

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As we all know, Easter Egg Roll is hosted by First Lady In the White House so the 140th event was hosted by First Lady Melania Trump where numerous adorable children were filmed pushing eggs along the lawn inside the White House ground.

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Everything was going well until Jimmy Kimmel appeared in his late-night show with a bizarre response.  In the show, he mocked the hell out of Melania, Trump, and Conway.

First, it started normally with fun when he said, “It was a fun day for the President. He got to eat chocolate. He even met a nice kid named Barron who he really liked.”

Then Trump gives credit to her loving wife Melania for her hard-working and Kimmel respond “She didn’t dye eggs. The only thing she’s been working on is an escape tunnel.

Isn't it a despicable joke to say against the First lady? We just want to raise the question where he was during Obama presidency. Did former first lady Michelle Obama dye eggs? Too much hatred doesn’t do any good, we all know it clearly.

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Before, he makes fun of Melania Trump accent; he shocked the audience with a photoshopped surprise visitor (Stormy Daniels) in the video when Trump greets the crowd.  

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When Trump makes greeting “you know, it was supposed to be pouring, the weather. It was supposed to be very rainy and nasty and cold and windy,” eventually Kimmel added, “And Stormy, too.

But Kimmel didn’t stop there he went after counselor Kellyanne Conway and rips her off following Ronald Kessler book The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game. Have a look at the video:

The host said he was surprised to know Conway was the No.1 leaker around the white house.

One wrote it was not really classy to make fun out of Melania.

Most of Twitter followers believe mocking has levels. There were numerous furious tweets claiming Kimmel Easter related show ‘offensive’.