Rose McGowan And Henda Ayari Justice

Henda Ayari grievance wasn’t about to end easily, whose rape accusation like Rose McGowan moment was set on fire by social media.


Europe Muslim leader Tariq Ramadan is ruled by Parish appellate court to stay in jail for at least one year awaiting trial on rape allegation against Henda Ayari.

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[ CAPTION: Tariq Ramadan ][ SOURCE: thenational ]

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Ramadan is a charismatic leader to cut on the charge with rising hashtag moment ‘Me Too movement’ which earlier uses the French hashtag “call out your pig or #balancetonporc”.

As Ramadan is a high profile figure Ayari is under police protection to save her from the Muslim leaders’ supporters.

She revealed to Le Parisien “He chocked me so hard I thought I would die”.

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[ CAPTION: Henda Ayari rape claim against Tariq Ramadan ][ SOURCE: leparisien ]

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According to the victim she faced dreadful assault in 2012 in a Parish hotel room. She decided to reveal her problem in the #BalanceTonPorc moment when she acknowledged, what if another woman has faced more violent assault then me.