Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum Married since 2014. Learn their Family, Children and moree

May 1, 2018
First Published On: April 20, 2018

The YouTube Star, Rebecca Zamolo, who came to fame with her YouTube videos, is currently married to the love of her life, Matt Yoakum and is still going strong.


Today, we are going to discuss the love life of the YouTuber, Rebecca, and Matt. Also, we will talk about the children they have. Let’s jump right in.

Rebecca Zamolo marries Matt Yoakum

Getting married to the loved ones is not what everyone gets. Literally, only a few couples will have a happy ending in their love life. The famous YouTuber who was in a love relationship with Matt Yoakum got married to him on May 17, 2014, just after a year of their engagement.

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CAPTION: Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum wedding day picture
SOURCE: Instagram

The evidence of their ten years’ relationship was the love they had in their eyes when they looked at each other. Rebecca was so excited to get married and call Matt her husband.

The couple has already celebrated their 3rd anniversary and is ready to celebrate their fourth one in the next month.

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum still going strong

They still share the same spicy relationship like when they first started dating even after three years of their married life and it's only possible if one has trust and love for his or her partner. But the real question is: If Rebecca and Matt who dated for more than 10 years have been able to maintain the same relationship like before? To be straight, yes! They have been able to maintain the same aura even after marriage.

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CAPTION: Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum kissing each other
SOURCE: Instagram

Being in a romantic relationship for a decade and married for almost four years, the couple shares a lot of affectionate moments for sure. With no rumors of separation and divorce, the couple is going strong. Each and every post in their social media has shown their love for each other.

CAPTION: Rebecca Zamolo with husband Matt Yoakum
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Rebecca Zamolo hugging husband Matt Yoakum
SOURCE: Instagram

Viewing all this, it is not a wrong thing to say that the couple’s relationship is healthy.

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum: Children

Being said that, Let's move towards their children. Even though the couple has been married for more than three years, the couple so far hasn't shared children together. But after some research on their social media platform, we came to know that the couple has two pets to whom they love like their own child.

CAPTION: Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum with their pet
SOURCE: Instagram

If you have viewed the caption of the above picture then, you might have noticed them stating 'my family picture'. In one of their Q&A videos on YouTube, the couple answered a question regarding their plans of having a baby.

In that video, Rebecca seems to be unsure about her children while Matt confidently said that 2018 might be the year for announcing the news.