Patrice Failor Exclusive Married Life husband James Comey, Learn about their Children and Family

Patrice Failor, mostly known as the wife of an American lawyer, James Comey who served as the seventh Director of the FBI, has been married for more than three decades but are still living happily together.


The couple has been married for a such a long period but they still have the same feeling as they used to have at the beginning of their relationship. Both of them have been a pillar of support in each other's life during their bad times. In this topic, we are going to look into the romantic relationship between James and Patricia.

Patrice Failor married to James Comey and still going strong

Following the marriage of Patrice Failor and James Comey, the couple has already celebrated their 30th anniversary and thier marriage is still going as strong as it was back in the days. 

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CAPTION: Patrice Failor and husband James Comey in a conference
SOURCE: Daily Entertainment News

The couple had been living in the New York but, Patricia encouraged her husband James to move to Virginia in the early 1990s. For that, James stated that both the couple wanted a place where they could be happier while raising their kids. 

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CAPTION: Patrice Failor with husband James Comey and ex-president Barrack Obama

Recently, Comey was invited to a dinner at the White House by President Donald Trump along with other guests. James went to the dinner at the White House, but later on, he regretted his decision to visit the presidential house. 

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During that time, he also had a date with his sweetheart Patrice, but he had to cancel it. Later, while talking about the dinner at the White House, he regretted calling off the date with his lovely wife. This shows how much he loves his wife, doesn't it? 

Patrice Failor married life with James Comey

James and Patrice got married in 1987. The couple first met each other after they joined the William and Mary College, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was all in the year of 1987. As per the interview was given by Patrice to some tabloid source, she met Comey at a Daiquiri party in college.

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CAPTION: Patrice Failor and James Comey
SOURCE: ctpost

Slowly and steadily, this meeting made them close day by day and later on they started dating. After graduating from the college, both decided to tie the knot and here they are!

Patrice Failor and James Comey's children

The couple share a total of six children together. But now they only have a total of five children as one of their sons, Collin died just nine days' after he was born in 1995. According to some source, Collin is said to have died from a Group B Strep infection.

CAPTION: Patrice Failor and James Comey children

The Remaining children, Maurene, Abby, Claire, Brien, and Kate have already grown up and are busy in their own professional and personal lives. 

Well, Patrice Failor and James Comey look like a great parent to their 5 children as all are successful in their own line. Even after such a long time, the couple is still close to each other. Cheers to them!