NBC, Hallie Jackson's relationship with husband Doug Jackner; Has Two daughters together

Hallie Jackson is a journalist who has a great dedication towards her work. She doesn't even care about the snot dripping from her nose while working. Besides professional career, people are keen to know Hallie Jackson' relationship with husband Doug Jackner.


Hallie Jackson has always given a lot of good things to talk about. She has always been in headlines for his professional life and personal issues as well. So, today, let's learn more about her.

Hallie Jackson and Doug Jackner

Along with her supporting fans, Hallie Jackson has a supporting family. Every married girl dreams of a beautiful family with understanding husband and cute children. And news reporter Hallie Jackson is blessed with it. As per sources, she is living with her husband Doug and two beautiful daughters.

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Hallie Marie Jackson professionally known as Hallie Jackson is a correspondent for NBC News. With her aura of attracting people, she has made lots of fans in the journalism field. The hard-working and active lady journalist married in the year 2011.

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Hallie Jackson married her college boyfriend, Doug Jackner. They were already engaged in May 2010. The couple married in a formal ceremony in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County. Though she had kept the relationship with her husband secret before getting married, their marriage cleared out everything.

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Hallie Jackson Controversy

Five months earlier, it was news topic of media in the town because while Haille Jackson was talking about Chris Christie, backing Donald Trump live from Tennessee when the booger started dropping down from her nostril. However, she continued reporting without getting distracted and she nailed it. 

Jackson tweeted a picture on her Twitter after that embarrassing moment which was of her online shopping cart after. She has bought a book named 'Surviving Your Season of Shame'- Overcoming Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments.

She was embarrassed after watching her video. Anyways, she came out as a true example of a professional journalist who is focused towards her work only.

Along with her supporting fans, Hallie does have a supporting family. Every married girl dreams of a beautiful family with understanding husband and cute children. 

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Hallie Jackson Career

Before joining NBC News in 2014, Hallie Jackson has worked in Salisbury, Maryland; Dover, Delaware; Hartford, Connecticut; New Haven and Baltimore, Maryland. Born in Yardley, Pennsylvania she graduated B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University in political science.

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Active in the journalism field since 2006, she first worked at WBOC-TV in the towns of Salisbury, Maryland, and Dover, Delaware. She was the reporter for 26 stations from Washington for the Hearst Corporation.

After being the NBC reporter and journalist in 2014, she covered the Ted Cruz presidential campaign. Jackson being a traveling reporter explores around to report the news.

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With a successful career and sophisticated standard of living, Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be at millions of dollar. We wish the amazingly talented lady would work harder to get included in the top journalist of the world.

Ten Facts about Hallie Jackson

1. Hallie Jackson was born on April 29, 1984, in Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States
2. Hallie Jackson belongs to north American ethnicity.
3. Hallie Jackson started her journalism career in 2006.
4. Hallie Jackson studied Bachelor of Arts degree major in Political Science.
5. Hallie Jackson is married to Doug Hitchner in 2011.
6. Hallie Jackson named her as its White House correspondent in January 2017.
7. Hallie Jackson stands height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m) and weighs around 59 kg.
8. Hallie Jackson's body measurement is 36-25-36 inches.
9. Hallie Jackson's annual salary is estimated to be $201,000.
10. Hallie Jackson has 27k followers oh facebook and around 285k followers on her Twitter account.