Natasha Henstridge's Love Chronicles: Who Has She Dated?

Natasha Henstridge is a Canadian actress born on August 15, 1974. She has graced the big screen with her performances in movies like "Species," "Species II," and "Ghosts of Mars." 

Henstridge, the actress, has had her share of romantic journeys in the public eye. She is currently in a relationship with Chris Browning, sharing their lives. Before that, the actress was in relationships with two other notable people. She was previously involved with the late Darius Campbell Danesh, and also with Damian Chapa. 

Currently Dating Chris Browning

Natasha Henstridge is currently dating Chris Browning. But, the details of their love story have been kept quite private. It's quite unclear when or how they first met and fell in love. Sometimes, in the world of celebrities, they choose to keep their personal lives away from the public eye, and the two seem to be doing just that.

NatashaNatasha Henstridge with her boyfriend, Chris Browning SOURCE: Natasha Henstridge Instagram @natashahenstridge

Henstridge and Browning seem to be head over heels in love, and they're not shy about sharing their affection on Instagram. Their constant posts about each other are like little windows into their relationship. They love showing the world the happiness they've found together. 

Who Is Henstridge's Partner Chris Browning?

Chris Browning, also known as Christopher Jay Browning, hails from Reno, Nevada. He's made a name for himself in the world of television and film. His talent has taken him to both the big and small screens.

Browning has had some notable works in his career. You might remember him from the movies "Bright" and "The Last Rampage." In addition to these, he's also had smaller roles in well-known TV shows like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Castle," and "The 100." He even had a small appearance in the mind-bending film "Now You See Me." 

Beyond his on-screen work, Chris lent his distinctive voice to the character Surtr in the highly acclaimed video game "God of War: Ragnarök." Plus, he was also the voice of Paul in "Call of Duty: WWIII." 

Besides acting, Henstridge's boyfriend Chris is known for his active involvement in political matters. He proudly identifies as a liberal and has been quite vocal about his views. He's been an outspoken critic of former President Trump and the Republican party, expressing his concerns and opinions on various political issues. 

Used To Be Late Darius Campbell Danesh's Wife

Natasha Henstridge and the late Darius Campbell Danesh shared a meaningful journey. They weren't in a hurry to get married, spending seven years together before taking that significant step on February 14, 2011. For three of those years, they were engaged, savoring each moment before officially becoming husband and wife.

DariusLate Darius Campbell Danesh with Natasha Henstridge SOURCE: Awards Show Network YouTube Channel

Natasha and Darius's wedding was shrouded in secrecy, adding an air of mystery to their love story. They chose to tie the knot in a private ceremony at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara (the place, where Melissa Gilbert married her husband Timothy Busfield). What made it even more special was that they didn't even tell their close friends and parents about the big day. 

It was a truly intimate affair with just Henstridge's two sons, Tristen and Asher, present to witness the union of their parents. The exclusivity of the event was such that the world only got a glimpse of their special day through the pages of Hello! magazine, where they chose to share their beautiful wedding photos. 

Unusual Way Natasha And Darius' Love Story Began

Natasha and Darius's love story began in a truly unusual and serendipitous way. Fate brought them together on the streets of Los Angeles. He was in the process of checking out of the Argyle Hotel on the iconic Sunset Boulevard, and as luck would have it, the actress happened to cross paths with him at a set of traffic lights. 

Henstridge initial encounter with Danesh quickly turned into a captivating conversation. Their talk seemed to stretch through multiple traffic light changes from green to red. Finally, he asked for her number. It was a bold move that would change the course of their lives and mark the beginning of a beautiful journey together. 

Had Once Broken Up The Engagement

Natasha and Darius' love story had its fair share of twists and turns. They were once engaged but found themselves separated in January 2010 due to the demands of their respective work commitments, as mentioned in an article from The Sun. However, fate had other plans for them. 

DariusNatasha Henstridge and Darius Campbell Danesh celebrating Valentine's Day SOURCE: 7 Wheel Wonders YouTube Channel

After five months of being apart, both Natasha and Darius realized they couldn't be without each other and reunited. What's even more remarkable is that almost immediately upon reuniting, they decided to get engaged once again. Eventually, the two became husband and wife.

The Final Divorce

Natasha and Darius's marriage, which initially seemed full of promise, sadly ended after just two years. In 2013, the actress made the difficult decision to file for divorce. The process, however, took quite some time, and their marriage wasn't officially dissolved until February 27, 2018

The reasons behind Natasha and Darius' divorce remain a private matter, and they chose to keep the specifics undisclosed. However, what is known is that the actress initiated the divorce proceedings in her name, as mentioned in an article from the Daily Mail. But it's essential to note that their decision to divorce was a mutual one. 

How Did The Actress Feel About Darius Death?

Natasha Henstridge's heartfelt Instagram post on the first anniversary of Darius Campbell Danesh's passing is a touching tribute to the love they shared. In her emotional poem, she beautifully expresses the depth of her feelings, reminiscing about the countless cherished moments they created together. Her message of "You're forever missed until we meet again" encapsulates the hope of a reunion in the future, highlighting the eternal bond they shared, even in his absence. 

NatashaNatasha Henstridge posting a tribute to Darius Campbell Danesh SOURCE: Natasha Henstridge Instagram @natashahenstridge

The passing of Danesh on August 11, 2022, was a tragic and unexpected event. He was just 41 years old, which makes his untimely departure all the more heartbreaking. The circumstances surrounding his death are particularly distressing, as it was ruled as an accident caused by chloroethane. 

Has Kids With Her Former Lover

Natasha Henstridge's journey to motherhood includes her two children from a previous relationship. She shares kids with her former lover and actor Liam Waite

Henstridge is a proud mother of two wonderful sons. Her first son, Tristan River Waite, came into the world on October 12, 1998. And, her younger son, Asher Sky Waite, was born in September 2001. Being a mother is a cherished role for the actress, and the birthdays of her sons mark not just the passage of time but also the growth of a strong and loving family bond. 

Who Was Natasha's First Husband?

Natasha's first marriage was to actor Damian Chapa. Their union lasted from August 26, 1995, to 1996, the year Tupac Shakur died. Not much information regarding their married life has been disclosed. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in a way that was undoubtedly painful and they are on bad terms.

Chapa's once said about the actress, Henstridge in which he mentioned her talking about her post-divorce conquests. It seems to highlight a personal experience that left him feeling somewhat disappointed. He had brought it up when she accused Brett Ratner of performing oral sex on her in the past.


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