How much is Nancy Alspaugh's Net Worth in 2018? Know about her Salary, Earnings, Career, Books, and More!

The American author, screenwriter, and a producer, Nancy Alspaugh, who was once married to Matt Lauer, had a really hurtful experience in her personal life as her second husband, H. Read Jackson, died of cancer. This has made us wonder if she has the same kind of fate in her professional life with her total net worth at the very minimum. 


She is currently living a life of a widow after the sad demise of her husband. She has concurrently failed for two times in her romantic life. Hence, this has really kicked us with curiosity if she has been suffering from the same, in her professional life. Well for this, we have gone through a series of research to find out what she has earned. Without further ado, just scroll down to know about her earnings. 

Nancy Alspaugh's Net Worth

The total estimated net worth of the ex-wife of Matt Lauer, Nancy Alspaugh is reported to be around $8 million whereas the estimated net worth of her ex-husband is set to be around $80 million. As she is a writer and producer, she earns a great deal from her movies and also from her books too.

CAPTION: Nancy Alspaugh SOURCE: Instagram

The producer is widely known for her movies such as Leeza, Vicki!, and The Bradshaw Difference. She is known to, not only produce, but also write those series. She also has credits as an executive producer for the TV Series, Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends

CAPTION: Nancy Alspaugh SOURCE: IB Times

Currently, the producer is seen to be working as a member of the ACT Today! She is fully giving her time for Autism Care and Treatment organizations. She is also an advocate for the fearless aging, and autism.

She is presently working as the vice-president of the Group W Productions. Apart from all this, she is also a motivational speaker as she has spoken to several sold-out audiences around the country. 

Nancy Alspaugh as an Author

Apart from being a producer, activist, and a motivational speaker, Nancy Alspaugh is also taken as an author. As we have already stated above, she has written the TV shows like Leeza, Vicki!, and The Bradshaw Difference. But, apart from that, she has also written and performed in the stage show called Boomer Babes

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CAPTION: Nancy Alspaugh's Boomer Babes SOURCE: Nicki Swift

Well, with that in her credits, she has also co-authored a total of two books. Her first book was a collaboration with Andrews McMeel as they wrote the book, Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging in 2003. The book is at a price of $22.95 for the hardcover edition at the US Market. 

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CAPTION: Nancy Alspaugh's Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging SOURCE: Amazon

Similarly, her second book was in 2005 with the writers, Stewart, Tabori & Chang. The book was named Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits. Currently, the book is priced at $37.97 for the hardcover edition.

CAPTION: Nancy Alspaugh's Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits SOURCE: Good Reads

Well, since the author, Nancy Alspaugh has already earned enough for herself, she is currently busy in making the world a better place by helping the children with autism.

Quick facts you need to know about Nancy Alspaugh

Nancy Alspaugh was born on 1955 in the USA
Nancy Alspaugh holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.
Nancy Alspaugh was married to Matt Lauer (1981-1988), H. Read Jackson.
Nancy Alspaugh started her career as a screenwriter.
Nancy Alspaugh has also written a book named Not Your Mother’s Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging.
Nancy Alspaugh has got a couple of Daytime Emmy Award nominations.
Nancy Alspaugh doesn't hold any of social media account.